Friday, May 25, 2012

Paper Piercing and Roses I am after a couple of weeks. I made this card a while ago but have suffered from what my husband calls "a brain fart", lol (I hope that wording does not offend anyone) I just could not think of a thing to write. Finally, I decided to just sit down, type and hope that it all makes sense.

Thank you Checkerbeads and Lisa808, for answering the question I asked in my last post. Both of these wonderful ladies have fantasic blogs full of beautiful and unique creations which you can find by clicking on their names. I am glad that you said you don't mind reading the supplies" through out the post. To be honest, I really am not sure how to write any other way than to "talk" in it :o)

I did decide, though, to add a list of supplies at the bottom of my posts for those who are short on time and are not able to read the whole post.

I absolutely love paper piercing, paper stitching and paper tole. The past few months, I have not had much time to do so because of babysitting my grandson. But...I had to take the past 6 weeks off of sitting due to some surgery I had. Yee haw...time to do my fav!

This is a paper pricking pattern from Fred She Said that comes in the kit called "Diamond Rose w/Paper Pricking Pattern". Such a pretty pattern. I have seen lots of people color in part of patterns (especially those who do paper stitching) and wanted to give it a try. With a such a simple pattern, it was soooo easy to do.

I am not sure if you can tell, but I used 3 paper piercing tools on this, each in a different size. The largest for the leaves, mid size for the flourished and the smallest for the vine in the leaves. Of course, pearls are a must!
This rose is from the same kit. In Photoshop Elements, I cropped off the paper piercing pattern on the corners, deleted the pre-colored background (using the wonderful Magic Wand) and printed the rose 4 times. I made the rose 4 layers but the top and bottom leaves only 2 layers.

If you look closely at the first 2 photos in this post, you can see I replaced the deleted background color with a softer one using chalk.
For the base of the card I used the Ruche paper I purchased from Paper Temptress. What I really like about this paper is that it adds a nice texture without having to pull out embossing templates and my big shot (saves time, tee he he). The colors tend to better match my color schemes than other papers also.

I just love this patten paper called English Rose by Kaiser Craft, which a dear friend Elizabeth gave me. Wasn't that just the sweetest!!! She has a beautiful blog called Visions Of Paper, which has the loveliest creations, that you can get to HERE.

This is 12 x 12 paper which I very rarely use since the patterns are much bigger than I think look good on a card. I find this paper not only beautiful, but easily cut so that the pattern doesn't make the card looked cluttered with the larger images.

I very rarely use rub-ons on paper either. These rub-ons go on so easily and completely, I just can't help but use them to snaz up the card. In 2 photos, above you can see the 5 flower and 4 leaf rub-ons I used for the inside of the front. 

In the photo just above that one (3rd one up) you can see how well they rub on and adhere to the paper. You can't even tell they are rub-ons, they look so much like a part of the paper. I just love that, since one of the reasons I don't like rub-ons is the "frame" (for lack of a better word) around the image.

You can barely see it here unless you click on the photo, but I added some rub-on words to the left center rose and the lower left corner of the opposite side.

Phewww...I guess I was not lacking words to write, lol. Thank you so much for stopping by!



Tracey said...

Absolutely gorgeous card...I love roses and yours is so pretty. Love the paper pricking design, I have never tried it but love the effect!

scrapn_momof2 said...

Oh Sandy this is stunning!! Love the paper piercing.

Favorite Favors said...

This is gorgeous and those roses on the paper line are stunning. I have to get this collection now!