Monday, November 23, 2009

Give Thanks

About 3 weeks ago, I came across a wonderful challenge site called Stamping Sisters in Christ Challenges. I am so very glad I did. The last challenge I submitted was for Operation Write Home which I wrote about in my November 11th post. I am so excited to tell you that, though I did not win that week, I was one of the 3 Shining Stars...YEAHHHHHHH! The next week, which was last week, I was not able to participate in their challenge...Boooooooo!

I have been so busy making Christmas gifts I have neglected my blog and the challenges! The sad thing is I can't post these projects until after the holidays just in case one of the "gifties" happens to check out my blog.

No Longer, though, LOL. I checked out my new favorite challenge site for this weeks challenge.  This week, for challenge #14, Galatians 6:9 is the inspiration.

"Let us not become weary in doing good,

for at the proper time we will reap a harvest

if we do not give up" (NIV)

The challenge: To stop making Christmas cards for a moment and give homage to the spirit of Thanksgiving. We could do this by making a Thanksgiving card, or a card/project expressing thanks.

I really had to think about this challenge. There are so many things for which to be thankful, which one should I focus on?

  • Salvation, spiritual provisions such as the Bible and the Holy Spirit...
  • Family, a great husband, 3 wonderful grown children which have grown into the most amazing adults, my daughters awesome husband, or our first grandchild (a boy) due to be born next month...
  • Provisions of a fantastic home, a job for which my husband can go to each day, food, clothing, cars...
  • Freedom...
  • Enough money to purchase crafting supplies, LOL,

And much, much more!!! Hmm...

After looking at my notebooks that contains photos of each stamp and stamp set...I decided this was a perfect time to use a stamp set that my SU Up Line, Sara, gave me. It is a retired set that I believe is called "Seasonal Shelves". Of course, I used the fall stamp, LOL, but the set has 4 stamps with the same shelf only decorated for each of the 4 seasons.

Here is the card:

Give thanks

I chose this stamp for a few reasons.

  • Shelf reminds me of my home
  • Plates/napkin remind me of my family gathering together around the dinner table
  • The jam/produce reminds me of the food given to us
  • Candles often have a spiritual connotation to them which reminds me of my freedom to worship my Lord and Savior
  • Wreath/flowers/bird house remind me that even the littlest of flowers or birds are important to Him. And how much more so are His children.
  • The duck reminds me of my pets, 3 dogs, which bring laughter to the house as well as reminds me of the devotion I should always show to my Savior
  • The picture itself gives me a warm, homey feeling; a comfort
  • The framed "Give Thanks" reminds me to be thankful for these things plus all the other things that come to my mind as I think on the blessings He has given me

I made the focal point in layers to represent the fact that all my blessing are multi layered (ex: husband, children, grandchildren)

 Give thanks side view  

Here you can see the dimension of the picture, the bow and little frame. Isn't it cute!

Originally it was silver, but I wanted it to be gold to represent the streets of gold I will one day walk upon, for which I am so eternally thankful for. Sooo...I pulled out my marvelous alcohol ink from Adirondack and dabbed a bit of the gold mixative on it and Voila! a gold frame to Show off the Give Thanks one more time.

As you can see, I have much to be thankful for, everyday! As I am certain you all do. For me, the hard part is to remember every moment to be thankful. So, I am thinking that perhaps I should give this card to myself, LOL

What will you be doing this coming Thursday as the US Celebrates Thanksgiving? I know that I will be thinking of all my blessings :o)

Hugs, Sandy O

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tiny, Tiny Flowers

My favorite flower of all I have had the privilege to see, is the lily of the valley.  They are only around for a short time, but while they are here the sweet scent they send out is wonderful. They let the world know that they are here and make a big impression in their short amount of time.

Isn't that what we should do in our short time here on earth? We should leave a sweet scent (pleasant memories) every where we go. Then when our time is up, we will be remembered for the  beauty and wonderful scent we left behind. What a wonderful way to be remembered.

That makes me think of when I had an in home day care to make some money while my kids were in private school. I wanted to be home when they left in the AM, home in the afternoon and when ever they were sick. Home day care was my best option at the time.

I was truly  blessed with some wonderful families. I had the privilege to watch 2 beautiful baby girls until they were school age. I did take a year off  and the younger one came back at the end of that year. The other was in first grade by then. Her mother told me the most heart warming story about what happened when she gave the little girl the news.

Upon telling her that she was going back to Mrs. O's, she became thoughtful. After a bit, she said, "you know, I don't remember what she looks like. But I remember that she was really nice". Now, this little girl was very strong willed and the 2 little girls would often get into little spats. It took a lot of hard work on my end to deal with them in a way that would teach them to handle disputes in life the proper way. Of course, I did it in a way that the parents did at home, leaving the adorable girls with the proper "training". It warmed my heart to know that she remembered the love I showed, even when disciplining her.

That is how I want to leave this world.  People will not remember if I weighed a bit to much, if I dyed my hair to cover my gray (which I do not) or wore the expensive make up. Since it is our works that people remember, I want them to remember me as a kind and loving person.

Same with the lilies. I love how they spread and grow all on their own, every year leaving an even sweeter scent. They do not rely on others to do the work, they do it themselves by spreading and growing in their own power. They are easy going, adjusting to any situation, willing to grow in the shade or sun, in the ground or in a pot. They will help trees by keeping the soil moist for them or protect an open area from weeds. We don't have to be nice to them by fertilizing, watering and pruning before they will send out their lingering scent to us. To put it simply, they are GREAT. And...I remember them every year, looking forward to their brief visit each spring.

So for my first tiny paper flowers, I guessed it...the lily of the valley. Here is one  of the pictures I took:

Lilly of the valley 2

Look at them next to the dime! Aren't they TINY! Now these are the very first ones I have made, so please be kind to me and don't focus on any mistakes, LOL. And boy...were they hard to photograph! I hope you can see the details. It is even hard to see the details in real life, LOL

Here are some pictures taken even closer:


Lily of the valley close up
Lilly of the valley

The gummy stuff under the tericotta pot is a type of wax that holds the pot upright, since they can be knocked over so easily.

I would love to hear what you think about these. This is another of the paper crafts I will be showing you as I learn.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and will be back to visit me on Monday. I am not sure what I will be posting, so it will be a surprise for all of us, LOL

Till then, hugs

Friday, November 13, 2009

New Technique and My Last Quick & Easy For The Week

We made it to Friday, YEAH....

This past Monday, the SCS Technique Challenge was to make Paper Towel Flowers. Different huh? I guess since paper and paper towels are both made of wood, it isn't to much different. The one I made was  a lot of fun. I think if I had a different type of paper towel it would have come out better. Viva is more cloth like than other paper towels, so scrunching the flower was just about impossible. It came out kind of pretty though.

Paper towel flower card

What do you think? I was going to run the top layer of cardstock in the big shot, but decided not to since the flower took a bit of time. This was supposed to be quick after all, LOL. I dried the paper towel with my heat gun to quicken the process.

Here is a close up of the flower.

Paper towel flower


I love the Organza Ribbon from Stamping up. Using it with Paper Temptress White Gold paper is stunning!

I hope you get to try this technique. It really is a lot of fun. I am going to try it again when I buy more paper towels.

I finally finished the TINY paper flowers I have been working on. So come back tomorrow and see these tiny creations.

Till than, hugs

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Operation Write Home

Yesterday I shared with you my burden for our military men/women. I also shared the organization Operation Write Home.  If you did not read yesterdays post, you may like to do so before reading this one.

Along with the Stamping Sisters in Christ Challenge #12, they have a bonus challenge to make blank cards to be sent to OWH. I went through my box of cards and chose some generic cards that I have made. I tried to find a variety of feminine, masculine and children's cards. I have mailed out the bulk of them, but have a few left to send since I ran out of envelopes!! Can you believe it. How did THAT happen???

I wanted to do something for the holidays for them also. So I made 12 blank Christmas cards to send to Candace to put in the box she will be sending OWH. Here they are:

Blank military christmas 1

Blank military christmas 2

These cards are Quick & Simple. No coloring, not bling. As anyone who knows me, bling is my thing, LOL. I love bling, I love layers. I love coloring. But for this card I only added two tiny ribbons, since the card looked to plain without adding something. I certainly did not want to cover a soldier with bling (glitter), what would the other soldiers think!!! {{{Wink}}}... Besides that was one of the guideline, no glitter! LOL

I made 6 of each color using the SU set Home For Christmas.  I thought the sentiment would be perfect. On the inside I added a layer of the very vanilla card stock with the "Merry Christmas" sentiment from the SU set "A Cardinal Christmas".

These really were quick and simple. I think the part that took the longest were the little ribbons, LOL.

That is it for today. Tomorrow I will be sharing with you my SCS Try A New Technique Challenge card. So come back tomorrow and learn a new technique with me.

Till then, hugs

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cards For Our Troops

Stamping Sisters In Christ posted their 12th challenge this past Sunday. The challenge is to make a card for one of our military men or women.

"The challenge for this week is to make a patriotic-themed card for a soldier and as a bonus, donate it to Operation Write Home, so that a soldier may be encouraged by your words of thanks. Write a special message of gratitude on the inside and sign your name. They will be distributed to soldiers who rarely get mail, or just need encouragement. Be sure to put your card in an envelope and write “Any Hero” on the front. For more information on how to make a card for “Any Hero” click here ("

This is a challenge that is near and dear to my heart since I am a military mom. I currently have a Soldier, my youngest son Patrick, in Iraq at this moment. He is serving his second tour there and will not be home until June 2010. We miss him dearly and know first hand how much they appreciate blank cards to send home.

My oldest son, Peter, is a US Marine who served 1 tour in Iraq. He is home now and will be out of the marines May 2010. Our prayer is that his unit is not sent back before then. Though, once a marine always a marine!

They never think of themselves as Hero's or think that they deserve the thank you's that have come their way. They believe that all they did was their duty, kind of like "I was just doing my job". What our military men and women sometimes don't understand is that it is the very job they chose and do that we are grateful.

I do know, though, how important it is to them to know that we here at home are thinking and praying for them. That we support them even if we do not agree with the war they are fighting. That we love them and miss them and look forward to the day they are home more than anything in the world. That we morn for every one of our military who do not make it home to continue in their lives. That we feel sorrow for the loss some have suffered; lost hearing, limbs, fingers, even memory due to brain injuries.

They fight for our peace and freedom by giving up their own. Some do not live a perfectly peaceful life after being at WAR. Some learn to live with that lack of peace and move on, while others do not. They give up their freedom by submitting to their commanders even if they may get killed. They suffer with no showers, bath rooms or privacy. They don't always get to sleep in a bed, or even in comfortable night clothing. They carry heavy loads daily on their backs, loads so heavy I could not even lift them. They sleep with a gun not a pillow. They spend much of their spare time cleaning those very guns.

Yes, we see lots of pictures of them goofing off and having fun. After seeing them we may tend to think that it is not so bad for them after all. What we do not see is that those pictures represent the times that they want to remember. The rare moments that they can forget where they are and just be themselves. Sometimes we receive a powerful pictures of the reality of the war they are fighting. Of the times that photos were taken without their knowledge, showing their sacrifices, whether they be comfort or brother/sister in alms.

These young men and women, for the most part, have given up the best years of their lives. Who does not cherish the memories of their late teens and early 20s? Those who have not chosen not to make careers in the military have put their lives on hold. They can not move forward and have a hard time planning their future. They will not go to college with their peers. They will go after their peers are already graduated and have careers.  Yet, they are much more mature then those peers and always will be. that I have written ALL THAT, LOL...I will move on to my cards. If you made it this far into the post I thank you for sticking with me!

Here is one of the very first cards I made back in 2007 that fits this challenge well.

Land of the free eagle

This is my Clean, Quick & Simple card for today. You can tell it is one of my first cards by the poor little ribbons, LOL. All different lengths and adhered kind of haphazardly. But I think it is still cute and I hope it cheers up the soldier who receives it.

Here is the card I made today. Not so quick, not so clean (one layer), not so simple.

Miltary thank you card

Isn't he the cutest little soldier! This is a stamp set I received from The Greeting Farm. They were giving away this wonderful set to those who have a family member in the military. All I had to do was send a picture of my sons in Iraq (though a picture of them at home in their uniforms would have been just as good) and I was sent this set! Talk about supporting our military families! Of course The Greeting Farm is "famous" for the Anya and Ian images. Tooo cute!

Here is a side angle of the soldier.

Miltary thank you card close up

I wanted to give him lots of dimension. I wish you could see the crystal effects I put on his lenses. It makes them so shiny! I made the yellow ribbon from the shrink sheets, stamping an image from the SU set Godspeed. The metal tag I got a long time ago on clearance in a little girl jewelry bling kit! I think it worked perfect here.

Again, I hope they like the card. I wrote the definition of the word "hero" on the inside left panel. Then I wrote a note of gratitude on the inside left panel. Added a few stickers to balance the pages and stamped the back "hand made because you are worth it".

Well, I hope you like my cards for today. I will share some of the blank cards I sent to put in the large box of all the cards they receive. This box will be sent to Operation Write Home. So please come back tomorrow.

Till then, hugs



Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quick & Simple Set #2

1 of 4 c&s set 2 2 of 4 c&s set 2 3 of 4 c&s set 2 4 of 4 c&s set 2

Here is another quick & Simple set. Made the same way as yesterdays set just using a cuttlebug folder and using SU pastels on 2 of the cards.

Off to do the Try A New Technique Challengeon SCS and the Stamping Sisters In Christ weekly Challenge.

SCS challenge this week is making paper towel flowers. Interesting, they really do look pretty

Stamping Sisters is making cards for the troops this week. Please check it out.

Now, my challenge is to make these challenges Quick & Simple, LOL

Till tomorrow, hugs

Monday, November 9, 2009

Kicking Off Clean & Simple Week

I have always had a difficult time making clean & simple cards. One would think that they would be easy, but for me they were always a challenge. Why??? Good question, LOL. As I wrote in my November 5th post, after a few months away for crafting it was a bit difficult to get back into the swing of things. That is when I discovered I CAN make clean & simple cards. Not only that, but they are soooo much fun! How exciting it is to make bundles of cards in one afternoon as well as it being so absolutely encouraging.

Here is a set of cards that I made using 7 ingredients/tools and about 10 minutes of time each.

1 of 4 c&s set 1 2 of 4 c&s set 1 3 of 4 c&s set 1 4 of 4 c&s set 1


White Card Stock

Scrap Card stock

SU retired rub-ons Summer Love

Misc. Ribbon

Cuttle bug folder

Big Shot


These are 4x4" so must be put in a larger envelope for mailing. Since they are on the small side, I find they are perfect to slip into trades or attaching to gifts. The inside is blank so they can be used for many occasions.

Well, not only is the project quick & simple, but so is my post. For anyone who has visited my blog before my hiatus, this is also a rare thing from this lady of many words, LOL

Till Tomorrow, hugs

Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Way To Use Paper

My mother is so into crafts it amazes me.  She started with the simplest of them and now does fantastic Egg Art with all kinds of REAL eggs!  From quail, pigeon, duck and ostridge eggs, to eggs from birds I never even heard of. No eggs from wild birds though, LOL. I think her eggs are so beautiful, but she cuts delicate designs and assembles intricate scenes in them. I, on the other hand really like paper crafts.
We went to an egg show a couple of months ago and I saw egg art using PAPER...not paper eggs, but using paper to decorate. From covering the eggs with paper... to itty bitty paper flowers placed inside or adhered to the outside...among other things.
Did I get excited! This was a way to get involved with another type of paper crafting and the projects come out so pretty. It also is a craft I can do with my mother, YEAH.
So..I have made my first 3 eggs, LOL.  Be gentle with me, as I am still a newborn egg artist {wink} Here is the first one:
Blue egg front You can click on the image to see it larger
I used a cleaned out chicken egg.
The picture on the egg is a silk picture.
I love the tiny bow I made, LOL.
To coat the egg I used tissue paper and mod podge.

Blue egg backThis is a good view of how the decoupage looks like before decorating.
It looks like a pretty blue spring sky :o)
This size works well for a Christmas ornament or on a small decorative hanger as I have here.

Here is my second one. I did this one the same way as the blue one, but it just did not look right. After I showed it to my mother, she suggested adding some gold cord. I added the charm...LOL....LOVE to embellish!
Pink before Here is the egg before

Pink after Here it is after. It really made a BIG difference.  How great to have a personal teacher!!!

Chinese paper view 1Finally there is the third egg I made. This was an actually a kit I purchased from the fair we went to. The egg was all cleaned and sterilized, which it the hardest part for me.

The stand and decorations came in the kit.
The paper used is the expensive home made chinese paper cut into a rectangle of 3 x 6". Here is a link to the kind of paper it is >>> Chinese Paper. So very pretty, I hate to actually USE it! I purchase some every time I go Stamping Memories in Laconia, NH but have never used it, LOL. Now I have something fun to use it on.
I am also getting into making the TINY flowers to put inside the eggs. I started making some Lily of the Valley yesterday and to do just one stem of the flowers took me 1/2 hour...YIKES...I hope I get faster. They are so tiny that one flower is made from a punch out 3/32 of an inch in diameter. I actually need a magnifying glass thing you wear on your head. You know, like the ones you see jewelers wear in the movies, LOL.
Of course, there are larger ones, but this kit came that size.  They are soooooo cute. I left them at my mothers (she is my teacher after all, so her home is the classroom, ha ha ha). But when I am finished a picture will be posted for sure!
Thanks so much for stopping by. Remember next week is my Quick & Simple/Clean & Simple week, so don't forget to stop by.
Till then, hugs

Friday, November 6, 2009

Tumble coasters the easy way

As I walked down the plate and napkin isle, I saw these beautiful napkins and had to get them. I had a non crafting friend with me who quickly asked why I was getting them....Oh so sad to not be a paper crafter! Her next question was HOW? could I craft with a napkin...sniff...yes she needs prayer, LOL. is what I made:

Butterfly napkin coasters

You can spy the actual napkins used for these tiles.  I used 1 napkin...yup 1! for 4 tiles.  I adhered them using the faux silk technique, which gave a very unique look to the finished coasters. Applying with Tombow Multi made this a very quick project.

When dry, I used my gold leaf marker to finish off the edges as well as go over the gold line around the butterfly.  To add a shimmer, I pulled out the awesome SU gold and silver shimmer paints. Using a sponge dauber, I dabbed the gold on two and the silver on the other two.

When dry, I gave them 2 coasts of a matte sealant, glued 4" square cork coasters to the bottoms and Voila! 4 beautiful gifts. The only thing left to get is a stand/easel to display them.

Butterfly napkin coasters close up Though the matte sealant did a good job, I would only use these for decoration.

Isn't this pretty. I think wrinkling the napkin before applying helps cover some of the holes that tend to be on these tiles. That makes this a good way to use up the ones that are not stampable due to having to many of these holes.

Another thing this technique is good for...using tiles that did not work out when stamping on them. Two of the tiles I used were from previous projects where the stamping did not come out dark enough or my coloring was REALLY bad. You can't even tell which are the 2 new ones and which are the 2 scrap ones!

Lesson: NEVER throw away mistakes, LOL

Except for the drying time, these coasters took maybe 15 minutes each. Nice! So have fun making some next time you spy some pretty napkins!

Tomorrow, I have an EGGceptional new to me craft to share with you, so please stop by :o)

till then, hugs


Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Challenge Card

Double embossed white and silver

Yesterday I promised to show you the card I made for the Stampin' Sisters in Christ Challenge. Here it is!!! I took this photo yesterday, therefore the picture just would no come out well. Yesterday was not a good day for either my eyes or my camera. I am so glad I took some close ups that came out fairly good for you.

I used some of the absolutely gorgeous White Diamond Card Stock from Paper Temptress. I decided to do the double emboss challenge from SCS at the same time and am so glad I did. This is the first time that embossing with my nesties actually worked for me and it is such a pretty technique! I actually triple embossed by heat embossing the verse, LOL, but I am not bragging {wink}

The verse I decided to use makes this card good for a few different occasions, therefore I left the inside blank. A sympathy card comes to my mind, but it could be used to simply encourage someone as well.

I have a sticky note by my computer that says "It's not yours to carry". What's not??? Well, your burden. As the verse I used yesterday says, He has already overcame it. So why carry it around when you can simply hand it over to the one who has already overcome it? I will admit, it is no always simple. That is why He gave us these wonderful verses, to be reminded and able to encourage one another with them.

Double embossed white and silver close up  The butterfly was actually a pewter color, so I pulled out my new SU silver shimmer paint (try saying THAT 10 times fast, LOL) and gave this flying beauty a quick coat. WOW, this paint is amazing. It covered completely, dried almost instantly (important if you are as impatient as I am, LOL) and SHIMMERS!

The flowers and swirls needed a little extra, I thought, to balance out the card. So I opened the shimmer paint again and with a small paint brush I colored over the embossed swirls and center of the flowers. It looks like I used silver leafing on it! I must make sure I purchase more before the holiday mini expires.

Double embossed white and silver close up 2 This close up shows a bit of the beautiful shimmer of the white diamond paper and how the silver shimmer paint looks. 

I wish I could capture on camera how pretty this card came out. You just can't have a "bad" card with this paper! It is simply too pretty.

What a quick and simple card too. Those are the very kind of cards that I struggled with in the past. Seems the simpler it was, the harder it was for me to do.  Weird but true.  Now that I am getting back into paper crafting after a 7 month leave, the quick and simple has become much easier, LOL

I guess crafting is not like riding a bike. You can't start where you left off after such a long time. I felt like a beginner all over again. It was fun to learn the quick, clean and simple way of making cards. How thrilled I was when I made 10 different cards in a single afternoon! I will be sharing those with you next week.

Before then, I have a wonderful project to share with you tomorrow. I am sooooooo excited. What a nice gift this project makes and soooooo very easy AND inexpensive. So please stop by and see what I have to show you!

Till then, hugs

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Challenge

As I was blurffing the other day, I happened to click on a link from someones blog. Whose, I don't recall, sigh, so I can not give credit...but...I can pass along the wonderful site that clicking brought me to. It is "STAMPIN' SISTERS IN CHRIST CHALLENGES".

I have seen loads of sites with challenges, but this is the first site that really got me excited to participate...well...other than the wonderful Splitcoast Stampers!

This weeks challenge comes from the bible verse:

The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you:

He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. (NIV)

The Challenge: to create something about when God is "unseen". Such as a scrapbook layout representing how God never leaves you or an encouraging card to a friend reminding them that God will never leave them. Or even some home decor to remind yourself!

Now I knew right away what I wanted to do: a hanging calendar organizer with the scripture John 16:33. WHY? Well, I will share with you my past year...if you look at my recent posts, you will see that I have not posted for 7 months! Then only twice until today. I actually did not craft for those 7 months. I know.... you are thinking...YIKES! I am too! LOL

I had always suffered from depression and 10 years ago was finally put on some medication. It wasn't perfect, but better. One year ago I finally found out why it was just OK on the medication. I am actually bi-polar with depression. Now, it is the milder form of bi-polar than the one I knew about, so it never occurred to me this may be the problem. Others quietly thought so...the bums...they could have told me after all, LOL...but I just thought I would go through life being depressed...sigh

Well, after the diagnosis came the trial and error of finding the right medication(s) and the right amounts of them.  It took 13 month!!! At first it was not so bad as I was weaning off my old meds and onto some new ones, but by early spring I was a total mess. Pretty much useless to say the poor family.

I have finally come through the fire and am now on the correct "cocktail" of medication. The Lord never forsook me through this past year. There were days that I thought I was alone, but I knew that if I was, I would not have made it the past hour. He is so good to me!

So this challenge spoke to me about the trials of this past year. I wanted to be reminded that when things get rough next year, He will be there with me. An organizing calendar that I can hang on the fidge was the perfect project.

Here is the finished project. I apologize for the poor pictures. I don't usually post with poor photos like this, but no matter what I did, no picture would come out "good".

Chalkboard hanging organizer

I had previously purchased a 3-pk of painting boards from AC Moore which turned out to be perfect for this project. They are chipboard with a canvas like finish on one side.

I also had purchased a jar of chalkboard paint which I had yet to use...I know...I should have used it right away like a good crafter, LOL...but it was waiting for just the right project and here it is.

I used some of the 1/4" thick cork that I had..yes...again...previously purchased for just the right project, some magnetic stripping left over from another project and printed out the 2010 calendar. I also got to use one of my favorite SU papers that had retired, Parisian Breeze Specialty Designer Series Paper. Love this stuff, LOL

Chalkboard hanging organizer scripture

Here is the wonderful verse the Lord gave me. It is perfect and I guessed it...previously purchased this stamp for just the right project! I am not sure where I purchased this set of rubber foam mounted verses, so I can't pass along the link. If I find it I will definitely let you all know :o)

This verse reminds me that He has already overcome the world. All of it. He overcame it so that we could lean on him through the tough times. And...when we do, we will be all the better for them, because of what He already did!


 Chalkboard hanging organizer magnets So now my organizer has a chalk board, a cork board, the 2010 calendar AND a magnetic strip! The tiny yet super strong Magcraft magnets I purchased from Amazon. These babies are so very strong and you get a container of 40 for only $8.99. Now that is a super price for magnets that actually work! Here is a link to the ones I used>>>magcraft.  Best of all, it has this wonderful verse to remind me daily that He is with me no matter what I may face that day!

Now, there is one thing I do not have...that is flat thumb tacks.  I will actually have to purchase some to put on the cork, LOL.

I really encourage you to check out the Stampin' Sisters Challenge blog. There are prizes for each weekly challenge too. That only makes a great challenge better!

I also made a card to go with this challenge, so do come back tomorrow. I would love for you to see it!

Till then...hugs