Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Way To Use Paper

My mother is so into crafts it amazes me.  She started with the simplest of them and now does fantastic Egg Art with all kinds of REAL eggs!  From quail, pigeon, duck and ostridge eggs, to eggs from birds I never even heard of. No eggs from wild birds though, LOL. I think her eggs are so beautiful, but she cuts delicate designs and assembles intricate scenes in them. I, on the other hand really like paper crafts.
We went to an egg show a couple of months ago and I saw egg art using PAPER...not paper eggs, but using paper to decorate. From covering the eggs with paper... to itty bitty paper flowers placed inside or adhered to the outside...among other things.
Did I get excited! This was a way to get involved with another type of paper crafting and the projects come out so pretty. It also is a craft I can do with my mother, YEAH.
So..I have made my first 3 eggs, LOL.  Be gentle with me, as I am still a newborn egg artist {wink} Here is the first one:
Blue egg front You can click on the image to see it larger
I used a cleaned out chicken egg.
The picture on the egg is a silk picture.
I love the tiny bow I made, LOL.
To coat the egg I used tissue paper and mod podge.

Blue egg backThis is a good view of how the decoupage looks like before decorating.
It looks like a pretty blue spring sky :o)
This size works well for a Christmas ornament or on a small decorative hanger as I have here.

Here is my second one. I did this one the same way as the blue one, but it just did not look right. After I showed it to my mother, she suggested adding some gold cord. I added the charm...LOL....LOVE to embellish!
Pink before Here is the egg before

Pink after Here it is after. It really made a BIG difference.  How great to have a personal teacher!!!

Chinese paper view 1Finally there is the third egg I made. This was an actually a kit I purchased from the fair we went to. The egg was all cleaned and sterilized, which it the hardest part for me.

The stand and decorations came in the kit.
The paper used is the expensive home made chinese paper cut into a rectangle of 3 x 6". Here is a link to the kind of paper it is >>> Chinese Paper. So very pretty, I hate to actually USE it! I purchase some every time I go Stamping Memories in Laconia, NH but have never used it, LOL. Now I have something fun to use it on.
I am also getting into making the TINY flowers to put inside the eggs. I started making some Lily of the Valley yesterday and to do just one stem of the flowers took me 1/2 hour...YIKES...I hope I get faster. They are so tiny that one flower is made from a punch out 3/32 of an inch in diameter. I actually need a magnifying glass thing you wear on your head. You know, like the ones you see jewelers wear in the movies, LOL.
Of course, there are larger ones, but this kit came that size.  They are soooooo cute. I left them at my mothers (she is my teacher after all, so her home is the classroom, ha ha ha). But when I am finished a picture will be posted for sure!
Thanks so much for stopping by. Remember next week is my Quick & Simple/Clean & Simple week, so don't forget to stop by.
Till then, hugs

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