Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Challenge

As I was blurffing the other day, I happened to click on a link from someones blog. Whose, I don't recall, sigh, so I can not give credit...but...I can pass along the wonderful site that clicking brought me to. It is "STAMPIN' SISTERS IN CHRIST CHALLENGES".

I have seen loads of sites with challenges, but this is the first site that really got me excited to participate...well...other than the wonderful Splitcoast Stampers!

This weeks challenge comes from the bible verse:

The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you:

He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. (NIV)

The Challenge: to create something about when God is "unseen". Such as a scrapbook layout representing how God never leaves you or an encouraging card to a friend reminding them that God will never leave them. Or even some home decor to remind yourself!

Now I knew right away what I wanted to do: a hanging calendar organizer with the scripture John 16:33. WHY? Well, I will share with you my past year...if you look at my recent posts, you will see that I have not posted for 7 months! Then only twice until today. I actually did not craft for those 7 months. I know.... you are thinking...YIKES! I am too! LOL

I had always suffered from depression and 10 years ago was finally put on some medication. It wasn't perfect, but better. One year ago I finally found out why it was just OK on the medication. I am actually bi-polar with depression. Now, it is the milder form of bi-polar than the one I knew about, so it never occurred to me this may be the problem. Others quietly thought so...the bums...they could have told me after all, LOL...but I just thought I would go through life being depressed...sigh

Well, after the diagnosis came the trial and error of finding the right medication(s) and the right amounts of them.  It took 13 month!!! At first it was not so bad as I was weaning off my old meds and onto some new ones, but by early spring I was a total mess. Pretty much useless to say the poor family.

I have finally come through the fire and am now on the correct "cocktail" of medication. The Lord never forsook me through this past year. There were days that I thought I was alone, but I knew that if I was, I would not have made it the past hour. He is so good to me!

So this challenge spoke to me about the trials of this past year. I wanted to be reminded that when things get rough next year, He will be there with me. An organizing calendar that I can hang on the fidge was the perfect project.

Here is the finished project. I apologize for the poor pictures. I don't usually post with poor photos like this, but no matter what I did, no picture would come out "good".

Chalkboard hanging organizer

I had previously purchased a 3-pk of painting boards from AC Moore which turned out to be perfect for this project. They are chipboard with a canvas like finish on one side.

I also had purchased a jar of chalkboard paint which I had yet to use...I know...I should have used it right away like a good crafter, LOL...but it was waiting for just the right project and here it is.

I used some of the 1/4" thick cork that I had..yes...again...previously purchased for just the right project, some magnetic stripping left over from another project and printed out the 2010 calendar. I also got to use one of my favorite SU papers that had retired, Parisian Breeze Specialty Designer Series Paper. Love this stuff, LOL

Chalkboard hanging organizer scripture

Here is the wonderful verse the Lord gave me. It is perfect and I guessed it...previously purchased this stamp for just the right project! I am not sure where I purchased this set of rubber foam mounted verses, so I can't pass along the link. If I find it I will definitely let you all know :o)

This verse reminds me that He has already overcome the world. All of it. He overcame it so that we could lean on him through the tough times. And...when we do, we will be all the better for them, because of what He already did!


 Chalkboard hanging organizer magnets So now my organizer has a chalk board, a cork board, the 2010 calendar AND a magnetic strip! The tiny yet super strong Magcraft magnets I purchased from Amazon. These babies are so very strong and you get a container of 40 for only $8.99. Now that is a super price for magnets that actually work! Here is a link to the ones I used>>>magcraft.  Best of all, it has this wonderful verse to remind me daily that He is with me no matter what I may face that day!

Now, there is one thing I do not have...that is flat thumb tacks.  I will actually have to purchase some to put on the cork, LOL.

I really encourage you to check out the Stampin' Sisters Challenge blog. There are prizes for each weekly challenge too. That only makes a great challenge better!

I also made a card to go with this challenge, so do come back tomorrow. I would love for you to see it!

Till then...hugs

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