Monday, October 12, 2009

Preparing for the Holidays

Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.  In preparation for Autumn, I began to think of how fast they will be upon us. My favorite part of Autumn is the harvest. Fresh veggies from the garden just can't be beat for it's flavor and freshness!

Apple picking is one of the traditions we have. Eating the apples just picked is a treat. Then we cook apple crisp, pie, baked apples, apple butter and apple sauce. Canning some sauce and butter to last the winter and hopefully the summer...if it is not all eaten by then! Dehydrating some keeps them for quite some time. How long??? I am not sure as they get used up very quickly. Even putting cut up apples in the Thanksgiving turkey gives it a wonderful flavor.

Then there is all the fresh pumpins! yummy is pumpin pie, pumkin bread or pumkin butter. Mmmmmm...I am getting the munchies just thinking about it. Baking and freezing, cooking and canning.  What a wonderful way to spend the fall days!

Thinking of this, I decided to make a Thanksgiving card. Using the SUset "Scene in a Garden" I made this card:

Fall table scene outside

I adhered the table using triple the amount of dimensionals as well as some of the items on the table. Other items are adhered with a double amount and finally some with just 1 layer. Here is a side view:


And a close up

Wm fall table scene outside pic close up 

The first time I saw this set, I knew I would make a 3-D card out ot it. The set is also very versatile,  since it also comes with gardening boots and flower stamps which can be used for spring or summer scenes. It is also the perfect set for the masking technique. Perhaps I will use it next spring to celebrate the spring and joy of starting a new garden.

The bottom of the card is a bit out of balance, so if I were to do it again, I would put some small flowers along the grass line.

I did stamp the sentiment a bit crooked also, even though I used my stamp-a-ma-jig.  How....I DON"T KNOW, LOL.  Remember, though, there is ALWAYS a fix.  I adhered the garden shovel charm under it to help hide the error. Not sure if it worked so well, but I like the charms, tee he he he.

Have you started any Thanksgiving items? Share, share, share, LOL. Leave me you email addy so I can check it out!

Hugs, Sandy O

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