Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tiny, Tiny Flowers

My favorite flower of all I have had the privilege to see, is the lily of the valley.  They are only around for a short time, but while they are here the sweet scent they send out is wonderful. They let the world know that they are here and make a big impression in their short amount of time.

Isn't that what we should do in our short time here on earth? We should leave a sweet scent (pleasant memories) every where we go. Then when our time is up, we will be remembered for the  beauty and wonderful scent we left behind. What a wonderful way to be remembered.

That makes me think of when I had an in home day care to make some money while my kids were in private school. I wanted to be home when they left in the AM, home in the afternoon and when ever they were sick. Home day care was my best option at the time.

I was truly  blessed with some wonderful families. I had the privilege to watch 2 beautiful baby girls until they were school age. I did take a year off  and the younger one came back at the end of that year. The other was in first grade by then. Her mother told me the most heart warming story about what happened when she gave the little girl the news.

Upon telling her that she was going back to Mrs. O's, she became thoughtful. After a bit, she said, "you know, I don't remember what she looks like. But I remember that she was really nice". Now, this little girl was very strong willed and the 2 little girls would often get into little spats. It took a lot of hard work on my end to deal with them in a way that would teach them to handle disputes in life the proper way. Of course, I did it in a way that the parents did at home, leaving the adorable girls with the proper "training". It warmed my heart to know that she remembered the love I showed, even when disciplining her.

That is how I want to leave this world.  People will not remember if I weighed a bit to much, if I dyed my hair to cover my gray (which I do not) or wore the expensive make up. Since it is our works that people remember, I want them to remember me as a kind and loving person.

Same with the lilies. I love how they spread and grow all on their own, every year leaving an even sweeter scent. They do not rely on others to do the work, they do it themselves by spreading and growing in their own power. They are easy going, adjusting to any situation, willing to grow in the shade or sun, in the ground or in a pot. They will help trees by keeping the soil moist for them or protect an open area from weeds. We don't have to be nice to them by fertilizing, watering and pruning before they will send out their lingering scent to us. To put it simply, they are GREAT. And...I remember them every year, looking forward to their brief visit each spring.

So for my first tiny paper flowers, I guessed it...the lily of the valley. Here is one  of the pictures I took:

Lilly of the valley 2

Look at them next to the dime! Aren't they TINY! Now these are the very first ones I have made, so please be kind to me and don't focus on any mistakes, LOL. And boy...were they hard to photograph! I hope you can see the details. It is even hard to see the details in real life, LOL

Here are some pictures taken even closer:


Lily of the valley close up
Lilly of the valley

The gummy stuff under the tericotta pot is a type of wax that holds the pot upright, since they can be knocked over so easily.

I would love to hear what you think about these. This is another of the paper crafts I will be showing you as I learn.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and will be back to visit me on Monday. I am not sure what I will be posting, so it will be a surprise for all of us, LOL

Till then, hugs


xcv3871 said...

Do you have a pattern to make the lily of the valley? I love them! Thanks!

Sandy O said...

HI, I do not have a pattern, so to speak. Since these were the very first micro flowers I made, I did not have the punches and other tools yet. I ordered a kit from here in the 1 inch scale.

I do have the directions of what you need to make them and how. If you email me, I would be more than happy to send a copy to you.