Friday, September 7, 2012

3D Image In A Handmade Frame

Phew! It appears that I ended up taking most of the summer off, which was quite unintended. I am sad that I lost a couple of followers and want to thank all those who stuck with me.

I purchased the cutest paper tole images over the summer. I made one of them for this project.

Arent' they so pretty. I love the soft colors and content of the image. The paper tole sheet was die cut making it so easy to make. There are 4 layers total, all of which were large enough to make adding the dimensional foam easy to use.

The sheet is from the Paintbox Poppets Series from a set called Outdoor Children, which you can find HERE.

I needed to make my own frame due to the measurements of the image. I made the frame using some corrugated cardboard from a box. To cover it, I cut the appropriate sizes from a thick chipboard sheet. Can you believe I can't remember what I adhered it with! Yikes! (an embarrassed winking smiley would go here) I do know that it worked really well.

I had some really pretty butterfly embossed shimmer card stock. It is all white, though, since that is the only color I could find it in. No problem really. White can always become any color you want, yayyy. As you can see here, the shimmer just shines right through the ink.

I covered the top sheet with two Stampin' Up colors that matched the blues and greens in the image. For some reason, the photos show it as not matching so well, but in real life the paper really brings out the colors from the image.

I kept the paper on the edge of the frame white. You can see here how dimensional it is even from a top and side angle. The lace, pearls, flowers and butterfly look so lovely no matter which angle you are looking from.
I matted the image with some light purple shimmer paper, which really made the pale purples in the image pop out. I like matching the papers to the soft colors of an image so that they are seen more and not lost in the background.

I covered the back with more of the thick chipboard so that it would look neat. I then added a picture hanger so that it could be hung. To make sure that the nails did not slip out, I made the holes first, squished some liquid cement into and a little bit around them. Then I inserted the nails which will not come out, lol and the overflow holds the picture hanger on securely.

Though you can't see it in the photos, I put some of the inked butterfly paper around the inside edges of the opening. To protect the image, I used the Stampin' Up thick window sheets. These are fantastic! They are thick enough to not flop around when using them, score and bend really well and adhere perfectly with double sided tape. They are still available in the current catalog on page 216, but do not mention how thick they are, only that they are window sheets.

You needn't worry about getting finger prints or glue on the outside (or even inside before adhering) because Goo Gone removes it all perfectly and easily without leaving any scratches or streaks! Isn't that fantastic! I love that, especially since I get more glue on the wrong parts of a project than I get where it is supposed to be.

It took me a while to figure out how to attach the pearl stand onto the frame. That is how the glue got on the window sheet, tee he he. Finally, I tried some of the 1/8" Score Tape. It worked wonderfully with no waiting for the glue to dry. Now THAT is incredibly important, WINK. I do wish it came in 1/16" wide though, as the 1/8" is slightly to wide. It really is not a big deal on this project, but may be on another project in the future. Do you think I should write them about making some, lol. would you ever use it that thin?

See those little knots. Those simple little knots seemed like the perfect way to snazzy up the corners a bit, since I did not want to add so many embellishment as to distract from the image. 
Simple! Yeah, right! Sheesh..Those things are a real pain, lol. Trying to tie them in just the right place was no easy task for me. Thinking back, I suppose that I could have adhered the lace to the edge, then tie the knot where I wanted it. That may have worked, though I am not sure I would not just pull the ribbon off the edge as I tied them. Hmmm...I guess it would be worth a try next time. Have you found a way to do this easily? If so, I would love to know how!
I hope you like this project.
What a looonnnggg post, ha ha ha. I guess I really missed talking to you all.


Lindsay Weirich said...

beautiful job! the metalic frame looks great with the lace, dainty! Thanks for the blog comment, I still have the old scor-pal and I still love it, and I use a simple office supply store triangle to make my envies:)

Lisa said...

I love the little butterfly on the right.