Monday, May 30, 2011


Today I share this video that I saw on the Archiving Angel blog.  I post this in memory of those who served in the past and those fall in the past. To my sons Peter (USMC) and Patrick (US Army) who both served in Iraq and to their friends who fell during their tour. Remember!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day. Hugs,


Judy said...

Sandy to you and your family also, have a wonderful Memorial Day

Favorite Favors said...

A HUGE Thank You to Peter and Patrick and all the other men and women who serve and pay the price for the freedom of us all. May we all remember what these heros do for us!!

Enjoy this honorable day!!


Elizabeth said...

Please tell your boys thank you for the sacrifices that you and your family made. Whenever I see a military person in public I always make an effort to go over and say thank you. It amazes me how many times they say it is the first time anyone has ever said thank you. I had family at the pentagnon on 9-11. They all deserve to be told thank you every day! Freedom is not free.

Besthobbyeva said...

Wow thanks for sharing! Thank your very brave sons for keeping us safe!! Thank you for allowing your sons. They will always be in my prayers!!!