Monday, May 23, 2011

What To Do...Any Suggestions?

Grrr. I couldn't seem to get a straight photo of this card. Sorry for that. I bought this flower soft scene last week and just love it. The flower soft can be so addictive, lol. I love the scene, but could not come up with how to embellish the rest of the card. In my house, there really is nothing around my windows, so did not have real life for ideas. I have seen people add flowers around thier curtains, but with the flower soft, it just seemed wierd. Any ideas on what to would do?
The scene has 4 layers that you cut out and adhere with demensionals. It really is easy to cut out since most of the lines are straight. I only added the FS to flowers where the window that is open. I did think to add a butterfly but all mine are to big to match the scene. I am at a total loss.
I did use the totally stunning shimmer paper from Paper Temptress. The best part of the paper is that it is so pretty it seems to embellish itself.

I did not decorate the inside due to my lack of ideas. I would love to know what you would do to dress up this card and decorate the inside!



*Vicki* said...

If you're talking about the inside of the window itself, I would try adding an image! Especially one that looks like it could fit hanging over a wall or something...combining images can be challenging...but it's fun too!! :)Thanks for sharing! Smiles, *Vicki* P.S. sorry for not being around lately...really crazy my way...hope all is well!

my crafting creations said...

Wow what beautiful cards. Very creative.


Linda said...

I think the card looks lovely as you have it!!!! Great job!!!!

Dee said...

Wow beautiful card Sandi. You've put alot of work into that. Love the image.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Sandi,

I think the card looks great:O I just got a wholesale license with Flower Soft and will be carrying it in my store:) I love the stuff:)

I finally got your blog candy posted on my blog:) Thanks agaim! I am using the blue cardstock in my first challenge project:) Hopefully I will get it posted by Wednesday! LOL

Favorite Favors said...

I think it is beautiful just the way it is but if you wanted to add a little something-something... maybe some stickles to the bottom of the valance, some wibbon or a flatback pearl/rhinestone to the place where the tie-backs would be. You could add a rhinestone/pearl to the window as handle to puch it open. I might even go so far as to add stickles to the window ledge and then add a butterfly to the ledge. Almost like the butterfly was coming in from the outside. These are just some thoughts. Whatever you decide I think it is a beautiful card!!!!! Great job!! :D