Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wedding Doves Rhea Egg Art

I really need to get in touch with the person who designed my blog so that I can start a new "Egg Transformer" one. Until then, I hope you all don't mind me sharing my egg art with you.

Last Friday when I went to my mothers, we each made one of these eggs. The eggs came in a kit with everything you need to make it. The rhea egg came precut, which I think is just the best! I have yet to learn how to cut an egg like this one!

Another wonderful thing about buying kits is that you don't have to do the searching for matching hardware. And though they come with directions, you can basically make it anyway you want. For this one, I used everything in the kit but the outcome is vastly different from the photo on the directions.
The kit came with all the Swavoski crystals one could possibly use on this. Sadly, when I was finished the first time, I sprayed it with a sealer and the crystals were covered with a white film. All the beautiful shine was gone. I pried them all off, but the egg was a mess! I was so glad when my mother had an extra precut egg to match the kit.

Having to remove everything from the first egg caused some of the white paint to come off the hardware. The only solution for that was to spray paint them all again.

There was absolutely no way to remove the doves from the first egg. I am again sooooo glad my mother overbuys, lol. She had three other doves for me to choose from. What I like about these is that they are porcelain. When searching for figurines to add to eggs, I was suprised to find a vast majority of them are plastic, and LOOK plastic. Such a shame to spend all that time on a REAL egg and then put a plastic figurine in it!

Since all the Swarvoski crystals that came with the kit were gone, I chose to use pearls instead of breaking into the Swarvoki stash. I like the pearls better actually.

I decided to have the flouishes hang over the edge of the opening to add a little eye appeal to the plain edge of the heart.

You can see the pretty sparkle I added to the butterflies using the same glitter glue as the inside of the egg.  Even with eggs, I just have to add lots of bling, bling, lol
I chose to use 2 sizes of pearls on the lattice. Larger ones (3mm) on the outside to kind of frame it and smaller ones (2mm) inside.  I also used my copic markers to color the top pearl to match the others.

One thing I added to this egg is the procelain flowers. These were not in the kit, but added such a pretty touch and brought out the pink of the pearls. I also adhered the 2 extra flourishes to the base. People who put the kits together are often very generous with the hardware and embellishments which aids in creating a one of a kind egg from them. I had 2 decisions to make. One was pretty easy. Should I clean or bloghop, lol? Though my house could use some, I don't miss cleaning (WINK)  I do miss my blogging friends, though.

The other desicion I need to still make is whether I should do some iris folding or paper tole today. I am thinking that which ever I choose I may add some paper stitching to it. I'll see what inspires me as I visit my blogging friends.

HUGS, Sandy O


Kel said...

WOW.. that is truly amazing.. fantastic crafting right there! It's so very sweet and elegant.

Scraples said...

That is beautiful!!! Where did you find a kit like that?

THERESA said...

WOW, WOW, absolutely stunning, amazing, gorjuss!! A true work of art!! I, myself love egg art or Faberge eggs, you need something special to make them special and you've got it!! You must have used a ton of pearls, but think it is so worthwhile, added that soft touch, love it!!
lotsa luv

*Vicki* said...

Oh wow Sandy!! I adore your egg posts!! This is absolutely stunning!! I have missed you too sweetie and I honestly appreciate your kinds words!! BIG HUGS my friend! ;)

Ellie said...

Wow! Sandy this is simply stunning! Absolutely love everything about it. Sorry you ruined the crystals, but I agree with you, the pearls do look amazing! Such a beautiful piece of art!

Cat said...

WOW! Sandy, this is such a gorgeous, elegant project! I just love it!

Leslie Miller said...

I'm glad you share your eggs here. They're lovely and inspiring to see. The detail is exquisite and you have quite a flair for working out your own designs. I read every word and thoroughly enjoyed your story, though I'm sorry you had some difficulties. It sure turned out gorgeous in the end!

Elizabeth said...

This is breath taking. Even though I do not make eggs, I look forward to seeing them. I don't see a need for a new blog...I would be disappointed, lol.

Ioanna Maria said...

WOW Sandy that's really really really amazing!!! I totally love it!! You can see all the details on it and they're all perfect together! Awesome job!

Favorite Favors said...

Sandy, this is beautiful!!!!!!!! Stunning!!!

lisa808 said...

I don't think I have ever seen a more beautiful creation! This is amazing.