Friday, February 3, 2012

The Card That Scard Me

THANK YOU to everyone who gave me some tips on working with detailed dies! I definitely with try them next time.

OH boy, did I put off finishing this card! I spent a lot of time on Facebook wasting my time doing so, lol

Why? Well I guess you have to read my last post to understand most of why. The other reason is because I have not used my Copics in months. I have been cheating by using "pre-colored" images, or at least it feels like cheating. (Is there supposed to be a dash in the word pre-colored? LOL)

I would not make another project until I finished this one because I knew I would never get back to it, therefore it sat on my desk taunting me!

I guess I missed blogging too, because I talk a lot in this post, tee he he...

First I want to show you the pretty paper I chose. Miraculously the pattern paper was in the very first pad I looked at! Here you can see how the paper was pre-glittered. I really wish I did not have to re-size the pictures so small, it is so hard to see the details. You can click on the pictures to get a nice look at them though.
For the base layer, the only paper I could find to match the color of the pattern was Stampin' Up paper. I don't use SU paper often because it is what I call flat looking. There is no shimmer to match the other paper I like to use. My remedy was to spritz it with some of the Tattered Angel Glimmer Mist in Gold. This works so well to add just the right amount of shine, when I don't spray to much.
Adding the embellishments and making the inside gave me a bit of confidence.

The problem I have with my favorite ribbon, organdy, is when I make the tales like this. (Are they called "tails? I really need your help with names and dashes, lol) See how the glue dot shows through the ribbon? Does anyone know how to prevent this? What do you all use to adhere ribbon this way?

Now was time to color the image. I used some of my favorite paper, White Gold. This is very shimmery and a bit difficult to color (hmmmmm...silly paper to use as I jump into coloring again!)

The great thing about the messed up images that I showed you in the previous post came in quite handy. The white gold paper causes the colors of the Copics to look different than they really are. I was able to get the colors to look the way I wanted by practicing on these extra images. So I guess it was a good thing I messed them up!
This paper is difficult because the paper does not absorb the ink well at all, making blending very difficult.

I did not have the colors I needed so I used the tip to tip technique (I think that is what it is called) to make the lighter color a bit darker. It worked quite well and blending the 2 colors this way worked perfectly. Adding the darker color for shading was a bit more difficult. The lighter color just pushed the darker color to the edges.

What I finally figured out is that instead for coloring from light to dark as I normally do, blending worked much better going from dark to light.

The cool thing that happened was that the grass looked like grass without having to work at it, unless someone critiques it close up.

The background of the image really matches the color of the pattern paper, though it is hard to see here. No blending required for this :o) Usually I outline the image but here I did the opposite by just leaving the edges around the image alone. What do you think about doing it this way? I seem to be going back and forth between liking it and not quite sure.
I'm so glad to get back to blogging! I hope this post was not to long for you, lol

HUGS, Sandy O


Karen said...

Sandy this is so beautiful I love how you thing about every element you are putting on the card. And I don't think it is cheating to use a pre colored image. Isn't that like using packaged flowers from prima instead of making them myself? Oh I hope so I really don't have time to make flowers for every card ;)! Karen

lisa808 said...

Gorgeous card! Love the die cut.

I don't know if ribbon tails have an offical name.

Tracey said...

What a beautiful card the image you coloured, so pretty and you colour well.

Favorite Favors said...

This is a beautiful card! Glad to see you got your Mojo back for cardmaking and blogging! The coloring on your image is fantastic!

Pixordia said...

Your card is gorgeous and love the colors. On clear ribbons, I use Fabritac glue just a touch of it, only under the back of the bow and it dries clear and holds the ribbon fast.
Thanks for visiting my blog and I am working on a tutorial for the round version of the Geo teabag fold you liked.