Thursday, January 26, 2012

How To Loose Your Mojo In 4 Hours Or Less

WARNING: Picture heavy.

I am sure there are many recipes for this, but I came up with one all my own :o)

1. Pick your paper, a brand new die, basic embellishments and perfect image the day before. Make sure the die fits the size card. Spritz the flat non-shimmer paper with the Angel glitter spray so it shines like the other paper and let it dry over night.
2. Cute die shape. Making sure it comes out just about perfect the first time. (make sure to notice all the holes that DON"T need to be nudged out, this is important for the finale step) Realize that you cut it in the wrong color.
3. Cut the die with the correct paper. Work on this for 20 or so minutes because this time it will not cut well for some reason. Finally try a metal shim to help it along. This WILL work.

4. In the process of accomplishing step 3, you MUST warp both the metal shim and brand new die.

5. Attempt to attach die cut and realize that although it fits the bottom layer, it definitely will not fit on top of the other layers.

6. Find another new die and image that fits inside and with the paper.
7. Stamp image a MINIMUM of 3 times all of which are not correct. This step works perfectly when the first time the complete image does not stamp, the second image gets a black mark and the third time is to close to the edge of the paper to fit inside the die.

8. Decide that it is better to cut the die first and then add the image, cut the die, making sure it cuts perfectly in one try. Remove die and find out that ink got on the die when placing it on top of one of the previous images.
9. Cut out 2 more times after cleaning the die. Look at it on the pattern paper and decide to use an oval underneath to see the design better. You will NOT find an oval die that fits, so you must settle for the best you can find.
10. Start making the front of the card to encourage yourself. But do remember not to attach the image before coloring.
11. FINAL STEP: Decide it is best to clear off desk and put some items away before trying to color image. NOW is when you see why the die would not cut correctly the second time. All the tiny "holes" that popped out easily on the wrong color paper got stuck in the tiny holes of the die and you did not remove them before trying to cut again. Spend at least 30 minutes poking them out, which is very difficult because the paper is really stuck in the holes from forcing the 2nd cut to work.

***NOTE: It is very important to use a fine sewing needle for the last step so that you can make sure to poke your fingers several times as you try to force the paper out of the die.

Now if you followed these directions properly, your head is now spinning and your back is sore from bending over your die cutting machine to long. decide to do something that is absolutely fool proof and you have never messed up before: take a nap.

Today, the mailman is in the neighborhood much later than usual and all 3 of your dogs bark the whole time until the sound his jeep fades away (this will take exactly 22 minutes). At this point you finally doze off and the phone rings. It is your husband who called to say he is coming home early, which happens as often as Easter falls on a Monday. NOW, at this point, you have failed at your fool proof napping!

NEXT DAY (the good one): Slept well...get up at 4:30 with hubbie...daughter calls to say the grandson is sick, can you babysit for 11 hours today...tell her of course you can...grumble words you can't type into you blog on the way to the shower...have extra time so take photos of yesterday's accomplishments since it will be the only thing that can possibly be posted on your blog for the next couple of days...Now it's late...rush out the door...start to silently daydream about a 2 year old who is not sick to his stomach and naps all day...see flashing blue lights in your rear view mirror...speeding...licence and registration please...finally dig out registration and hand over your "I have to keep this photo hidden" licence...wait...he starts back to the car as you prepare your self for the dreaded word "ticket"...suddenly the words "just a warning hits your ears...YEAH!!! Thank you, thank you!!! IT IS GOING TO BE A GOOD DAY!
I hope you have a great day too!!!
HUGS, Sandy O


Karen said...

love your stamp and your died bu the way you put everything together is amazing!

Pixordia said...

Ha hhaa Sandy:
I have had so many days where I wonder if 'it is just me' having to re-do stuff because it goes all wrong. Thanks for confirming i am ;normal'
Enjoy coming to your blog,

lisa808 said...

Oh Sandy, what a crafting nightmare day. I'm sorry, but I did start to laugh through your story. So glad that you only received a warning :)

btw, with intricate dies, I put a piece of wax paper between the die and paper. It helps with removing the die cut from the die and with removing those irritating little pieces.

Favorite Favors said...

Sandy I am soooo sorry!!!! I am happy for you that the possible ticket was just a warning. How's the grandson? Did you get a grandson that was not sick to his stomach and napped all day or was that truly wishful thinking? I pray that your days ahead will be filled with lots of mojo and nothing but peace and happiness! :D hugs!

*Vicki* said...

I love your title! LOL!! Your tut is lovely and your dies are to die for!! I have missed you my friend!! Hope all is well and to see you around soon!! HUGS