Saturday, January 7, 2012

Craft Room Day 2

Do you want to see how far I have gotten so far? Well, I did get something done...
I got these Copic desk cubes which arrived last week. Ohhh...I really like them now that I have them on my desk! Each tower is 3 sections, stacking on one another, of course. I spent a lot of time going through my markers by color and # (at my kitchen island) and got them in. Then...dropped the towers 2 times while trying to move them. Sheesh :o( I finally decided to pull out my scor-tape and attach each section with it. Worked great...after about 2 1/2 hours of work, here they are! If you decided to get these, they are quite expensive, but worth it I think, make sure to use your scor-tape BEFORE adding your markers!!!

It is hard to see, but I finally went through my laundry basket under here and replaced it with this wide draw rolling thing. Sadly all it holds is my ribbon in the bottom 2 drawers and "some" of my jewels/pearls/pin items in the other. That's OK, at least they are where I can get to them :o)

Some good things I found in the basket were:
-my sewing machine directions
-loads of tutorials, 4 of which I want to read/make before tossing them
-packages of items that I traded (on an SU forum) for items I don't use for items they don't use
-my envelope maker, you know, the purple ones
-LOTS of really good paper, my much loved shimmer kind, that I was to lazy to put away at one point
-many other items I had looked for, could not find and was afraid I threw away
AND MOST IMPORTANT--some photos of my Step Dad who pasted away 2 1/2 years ago. Now, how THEY got in there I have no idea!

Here is the "in the process of organizing" mess. So far I have filled the recycle bin, have another bag full of recyclable paper and 2 full garbage bags full of, well, garbage, lol. See 2 of those rolling things that you fill to take to someone else's house/store full of your stuff to craft with them (I don't remember what they are called) they are the black things in the middle of the picture. One was FULL of files from when I sold SU 3 or 4 years ago! I think that is what the recycle bin is full of.

The second one is full of those clear paint cans that were so popular a couple of years ago. I know I will most likely never use them, but just can't force myself to throw them away. :o( What a dilemma!!
On day 0, I bought this shelving unit to put in one half of the closet. Get free shipping from Amazon because we are prime members, but, I decided to splurge and pay the extra 3.99 to get it the next day, which would be day 1. After all, the UPS guy always comes between 9-10 in the morning, I was soooo excited!

Well, don't you know, he must have reversed his route that very day!!! I am making that clicking of the tongue sound but have no idea how to write that, lol. It did not show up until 4!

On day 2, I excitedly put it together and went to put it in my now empty closet. Well, it did not fit. Who would have thought you had to measure the space before buying it, NOT ME! Soooo, as you can see, it is replacing the shelves with the doors. Doesn't really fit here either and is pretty ugly, but I can live with that.

I had no place to put the items that are in the unit with the doors, so decided to push HARD to get it in the closet. After all, I did not want to wait until Paul came home that night to help! I got it mostly in, then it got stuck, of course. I can't even budge it now. AFTER this, 3 thoughts occurred to me
-the closet doors needed to be removed to get it in there
-the doors of the cabinet need to be removed because I will not be able to open them once it is in
-the plastic things that hold the closet rod in have to be removed or the inside will be 2" to small
Now, I have to wait until Paul can help this afternoon. Sheesh, I should have just waited for him to help when he got home from work, it would have been faster.

While I am accomplishing absolutely nothing, my doxie got into the recycles. Here is just part of it. He even chewed the wooden closet rod while I wasn't looking and now it won't be able to be used any more. You can see one of my chihuahua's checking out the doxies booty.
What did I do after all this...I took a nap! I figured I better quit while I was NOT ahead.

Have you made it this far into this boring post? If so, here is some good news. I went through my SU stamp book to see what sets I will no longer use. There are 67 sets as well as some wheels (do people still used these?) I also found a few more items that I will not use either, some even brand new! When I bought them I was "certain" that I needed them, lol

I will be making a page of them as well as other items in case someone else will use them!

THANK YOU for letting me share this with you. Phew...I feel so much better now!!!

Have a super weekend...HUGS...Sandy O


THERESA said...

Boy, love the copic desk cubes, but most importantly, love the copic's inside, lol, they are major expensive here in SA, but on the upside, you have done a lot, organizing is so, so much work, looking good!! Oh before i forget, where must i post my address for the unwanted goods.......hehehehe, just joking........:))
Enjoy the nap, love to see what next you have done!!
Stay well and lotsa luv
ps: my doggies always carry around anything they can get hold of, always around me, got 3 inside and 2 bigger ones outside, love them, yours are so cute...

Besthobbyeva said...

Love the desk cubes as well! I think you are coming along nicely! I can't wait to see it finished.

I am off to check out a few of the sets you have for sale. Anything StampingUp is fantabulous!!!