Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I had the last 2 weeks off of babysitting and decided to "CLEAN" my house. I had not done so since my illness 14 months ago. Though my husband tried to keep it clean (dishes and laundry basically) it was a total disaster, to say the lease. I am 1/2 finished with the last room and hoping to finish it today.

What will I do then? Well...here are a few pictures to show you, lol
This wall is not so bad. The problem I have with it is that I have more stamps and such to put here and there is no more room.

OK, this needs no explanation, tee he he. I don't even have the shade on the light, lol. That laundry basket has been waiting for me to go through it for at least 2 years now. It is full of tools, tutorials and stuff. Where oh where am I going to put them? Or, if they have been there so long, do I really need them? I am sure I do, bwaa ha ha
Sniff...look at that floor, if you can see it! The rolling bins in the middle of my craft room are supposed to be under the desk on the left. I have just been walking around them.
The outside of my cabinets. What a clutter I have made on top of them.

The inside :o( the top right cubbie is the only place I have for my egg art items. My mother has 2 rooms and a cellar full, ha ha ha

Half of my closet. What a mess! The shelves on top are so full I dread looking for something on them since loads of stuff comes tumbling down.

The other half of my closet. YIKES! More stuff on the floor looking for a home.

Did you notice all the ripped paper and bubble wrap on the floor. That was my doxie when he got into my garbage barrel. And the doggie beds...3 of them. The doggies just HAVE to be in there when it am. Boy, they seem to take up so much room even thought they are small since the doggies are chihuahua's and a doxie.

What I really need is a Scrap box desk, The biggest one! But, since that is a pie in sky dream, I guess I will have to work with what I have.

How long do you think it will take me? I am hoping it will only be 3 days. I would rather just craft, but as you can see, it really is not an option right now. WISH ME LUCK!

HUGS, Sandy O


THERESA said...

LOL, you sure have a lot to sort thru, would be interesting to see what you uncover, you never know, lol, but they say if you have not used an item in 6months then you don't need it, urghhhh what do they know about crafters, right, hugs for all the work.........:))
lotsa luv

Cat said...

Good luck with your cleaning, Sandy.It is a constant battle trying to keep my craft room clean. Over Christmas I just covered my desk up with a pretty sheet to hide everything. At least the room looked OK for a while.

Barbara said...

You are so sincere...and blessed to have so many things for crafting. I am sure you will rediscover items that you have forgotten about. I too love your egg crafting. My mom used to do that too. I still have a few of her creations. Good luck on your project.

Besthobbyeva said...

Good luck and Happy New Year!!! Too funny. I can't even take pictures of my craft space right now total disaster!!

It will come together in no time. Great space!!


lisa808 said...

Wow--you have a huge craft room. Have fun and cleaning and re-discovering lost supplies.