Sunday, January 22, 2012

Unique Use For Stickpins

WOW! I don't think I will ever sell off my stuff again, unless it is during a yard sale. Doing so has totally monopolized my free time :o( all week. I think I might have made a whopping $1-2 per hour, lol I am not complaining, really, I am trilled to have sold the items and gotten them out of the house.

I finally got a chance to try out my idea for using stick pins. Of course, in my mind it looked a bit better, but all in all, not to bad for using stick pins.

It's not really an original idea since I got the idea from making the snowflake the in my previous post.

What do you think? No flower I have ever seen is surrounded by leaves like this, lol. The leaves were originally white which I colored with Copics.
I was thrilled when the shimmer of the white leaf showed through the coloring, it made them look so pretty. I just NEEDED to add the tiny little butterflies, lol, What would spring be like with out them!

I tried a few beads and butterflies in different colors. Then I tried to color the flower to match. Well, the green looked best, so I used my Staz-cleaner to clean the Copic from the flower. It actually worked great, just missed one little spot that I noticed when taking the photos. I wonder if I will ever make something without a tiny mistake, lol

I left the back without a flower, unlike the snowflake. Instead of using paper, I used some chipboard circles I have had forever, coloring them green too. The pins and beads were quite heavy so to glue them on I used 2 part 5 minute epoxy. It worked great, but, I'll tell you, the 5 minute wait was grueling! I used the same thing to add the flower. I would be completely surprised if this fell apart. The epoxy is totally impossible to budge once it is dry.
Here it is hanging on my "totally needs cleaning in the spring" craft room window. It is hard to tell with all the snow behind it, but I think you can see how pretty the flower is with the light coming through it. I am thinking in the spring and summer it will cast a rainbow when the sun shines through it.

Funny, on Facebbook, someone had a picture of snow in their yard, just about as deep as this. She said they were snowed in. bwaaa ha ha. Not sure where she lives, but here in NH we call this a dusting!

I hope you all have a super duper Sunday!

HUGS, Sandy O


THERESA said...

This is stunning and such a super idea, thanks for that, love it!! And congrats on selling a lot, lol, now you can buy again..........hehehehe
lotsa luv

Ioanna Maria said...

That's a very good idea, thank you!! It looks very very pretty!!! :)

Favorite Favors said...

This is so adorable and such a creative way of using stick pins!