Friday, January 20, 2012

Problems With Blogger Comments

Hi Everyone, I was trying to leave comments on some blogs today and Blogger just would not let me. I tried several blogs and found the fix in a pst on the last blog.

I guess Blogger made some changes, one would think they would have let us know and how to change our setting so we could get comments.

This will only work on YOUR blog, it will not help you to leave comments on other blogs until they change their settings.

I changed my settings, and left myself a comment, LOL...It was a really nice one too ;o) JK, it really said "testing new comment settings"

Here is the link to the fix it if your setting is not already set like this.

Thank you so much, Theresa!

HUGS, Sandy O


THERESA said...

LOL LOL, love the nice comment and my pleasure, so glad when i see a pop-up, yippeeeeeeee now i can leave a comment..........:))
lotsa luv

Anonymous said...

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