Friday, April 6, 2012

Paper Punch Flower

Woooh, I have been so busy that I have become a bad, bad blogger! As I said a couple of posts ago, I am taking an on-line quilling class at My Creative Classroom. Sheesh, I am as bad at that as I have been at blogging. I finally figured it is like learning the piano, lots of boring practice before you can play Mozart, lol.

I am also taking a class there to open an Etsy store. I could probably figure it out myself, but this seemed so much easier than trial and error. It really is, but going slow.

I have also been working with someone to design a blog exclusively for my egg art. It is pretty much finished now. All I have to do is redo the home page pictures and little notes. The blog itself is finally finished. One needs to click on "blog" on top of the home page though and that took me a few minutes to figure out when she had me take my first look, lol

It is called "Egg Transformer" and you can find it here. The set up is so different due to the fact that it is Word Press rather than Blogger. I would LOVE to know what you think of it. So far I have only transferred my egg posts from here. I do have quite a few eggs that I will be photographing and posting on there soon.

Have you read this far? I try to keep my writting fairly short but I have so much going on that I wanted to share with you.

Now onto this post, lol,  which is kind of picture heavy.

I have an egg (yes, another egg) that has an opening cut out of the front which is surrounded with cutouts of butterflies. It is so pretty. What I want to do is make a nice butterfly garden in it with a trellis in the back and a birdbath in the center. In my mind it is so pretty, tee he he.

To have a proper butterfly garden, I wanted to have several different flowers as well as some vines going up the trellis. Maybe even a couple of butterfly bushes if I can figure out how to make them. The many different flowers turned out to be 10! WOW...this is only a goose egg, so I hope it all fits!

So far I have made 4 types. I have made a few more of each type of flower than what I photographed, but I think you will get the idea. You can click on any of the photos to see the fine paper tole details on the petals and leaves. It really adds a realistic look to them. I kind of hope you do so you can really see those details.

Queen Ann's Lace:

Cone Flowers:

Garden Holly Hock:


The lisianthus are supossed to be white on the inside bottom of the petals. I am not fond of them that way, but nature certainly knows better than I do. 

What do you think?

I have a card all planned out in my head that I am going to make this afternoon. I had previously ordered several new toys that I just need to play with, lol



Tracey said...

Hi Sandy.....oh my, your flowers are just beautiful! They are so small I'm fascinated with how you make them. I really look forward to seeing the garden you create. Sorry I have not been by recently....sometimes life takes over:) On my way to check out your eggs.

Tracey said...

I'm back again........OMG, what can I say except Beautiful. The detail is amazing, you are sooooooooo creative. Happy Easter to you and your family.