Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easy Candle Holders

Walking through Micheal's (or it could have been ACMoore) I found these awesome rub-ons in a section where they had all kinds of wall decals and such. They were so pretty I purchased several of them. Not only are the images lovely, but they are glittered! Who doesn't like flowers, butterflies, birds and dragonflies!

They have been sitting in my sticker drawer since. When I cleaned out my craft room, I pulled them out, placed them on my desk and vowed to use them. After racking my mind for a few weeks, I decided to use them on some candle holders I got for $1 at the Yankee Candle Shop.

Here is a close up of one of the rub-ons on a candle holder. Can you see all the pretty glitter! Love, love, love it.

 I found that since these rub-ons are quite thick, I needed to pre-heat the glass before rubbing them. WOW, was my hand sore from rubbing before I figured this out. The only hard part after that was touching the glass while it was still hot. The rub-ons practically adhered themselves, so I did not have to hold the candle holder long!

There are a couple of "cracks" in the image since it had to be wrapped not only around, but curved around the upper lip. They are so small that you can't really see them though.
This is what they look like next to one another. I am not sure why the tall one looks crooked. Must have been the angle of the camera. As you can see in the above pictures, it really is straight. I made each one slightly different because I really like them that way...AND...I did not have enough identical rub-ons to make them all the same even if I wanted to anyway.

You can't see the images on them to well in this photo, but in real life they really came out so pretty. The best thing about them is that the flowers match the ones I have hanging on my walls.

I have not lit them yet, but I have tried this before and did light them to make sure the rub-on's would not melt or warp. The did not, yayyy! I am guessing it is because they are quite thick. I do suppose they would have softened and been quite easy to rub off, but who would want to try that, lol

Well, I am off to try my hand at quilling again, sigh. Since I paid for the class I at least want to finish all the "homework" and get some advice on how to make it "easier". I did find that my problem with getting the twirled paper to behave might have been the weather. Sonya, the "teacher", told me she has the hardest time getting hers to behave when they have a drought. I am so hoping that was the problem and not that I have just stubborn paper.



CheckerBeads said...

just beautiful! fabulous candleholders.


*Vicki* said...

Wow!! Those candle holders are just gorgeous Sandy!! Hope you have a lovely Spring day my friend!! HUGS

Besthobbyeva said...

Sandy, these are simply gorgeous. So elegant looking. I have seen these rub-ons and walked right by them!! I thought I won't ever use them. Good eye!! I am looking for some nice candle holders for my dining room table, these would be gorgeous!!

Thanks so much for sharing and showing us what you did!!


Favorite Favors said...

These are very beautiful and I bet they were a challenge getting them to adhere flat around the curved part of the glass. An exquisite job!!

Kel said...

Fantastic candle holders. I just love to roam around the craft stores for inspiration!