Monday, March 5, 2012

Paper Tole Goose Egg

Well, here is another Goose Egg that I made. I made one like this a while ago which you can see here. There are 6 eggs to this set , 2 of which I have purchased so far. I hope they don't stop selling them before I get the other 4.
As you can see, my impatience got the better of me again and the Swarvoski crystal slid down the bow, lol. This is the first time I was able to make a multi bow with my bow maker. It never occurred to me to wrap the ribbon around the dowels in an eight pattern until my mother mentioned it. It really works great that way.
The image is made from 2 identical prints. The first is added to the egg flat. The next one is cut out to add the dimension. Each grass blade and flower petal have to be cut separate, giving lots of tiny pieces to work with.

This kit came with the image already to cut by pre-covering it with mod podge. I was a bit frustrated with this one because they added too many layers of it, which made it quite difficult to cut. Toling the pieces was another chore all together. I would tole them and they would just go straight again.

The first egg I made like this took only 1 afternoon from start to finish. This one took 2 afternoons just to get the image cut and toled. For the next kit, I am going to ask for the print not to be prepped so I do not run into this problem again.
Each side was pre-cut for the pattern. I will be purchasing the tools to learn to cut this spring. Until then, I depend on pre-cut eggs in the kits.

Each side is glittered and outlined with a thin gold cord. Before attaching the cord, I run it through some mod podge that I had on my fingers. This makes the edges not fray and much easier to make it "curve" around the pattern.

I am having a blog created, called Egg Transformer, of course. It should be ready next week. I am excited about it because the name and blurp under the header will make it come up when people do searches for egg art. I have tried looking for other blogs myself and could not find one! The only thing that came up were online stores which sell supplies.  I would love to see other blogs though.

I hope you will follow me there too.



Favorite Favors said...

I must admit I really do admire all the work you do to your eggs. They are all quite exquisite!!! And this one doesn't fall short of it either. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Tracey said...

WOW.......this is so beautiful. You are so talented!