Friday, March 16, 2012

Ideas and Quilling

Well, here I am with my very first paper tole "homework" finished. Only a week late. As I am so far behind in my crafting, I am really proud that I finished it this soon!

I have to admit that it was much harder than I thought it would be. As you can see I do need a lot of practice. Getting those twirled strips of paper to behave is like getting my 2 year old grandson out of a tantrum. I did the leaves last and for the most part, they all came out the same. Only 1 gave me a hard time which is the top left one.

For the "homework" the "teacher" gave directions for making a card with these flowers. I did not like that idea since the flowers are quite big. So I decided to make what I have wanted to do for quite some time. An idea book.

Another thing I changes was the center of the flowers. They were supposed to have a tightly wound strip for the center. I did not like the way it looked as it stood out to much for my taste. To make it more to my liking, I used some tear drop pearls and a tiny orange pearl for the center.
The hard bound notebook was in the $1 bin at Micheal's months ago. I certainly know why it was only $1, it was REALLY ugly. Figuring I could cover it easy enough, I purchased one certain I would do so really soon. Ha ha ha, it was not meant to be. The notebook was meant to be used for this very project!
Here is the back side in which you can see the paper I used quite well. I had purges 2 piles of paper about 6" tall each when I redid my craft room. These papers were among them. I have no idea why I remembered these 2 papers out of the hundreds of papers, but down stairs I went to find them.

The burnishing of the back did not come out very well because I tried some plain card stock before this paper popped miraculously into my head. It had begun to dry by the time I decided to pull it off so some of it stuck to the back. This made burnishing the paper over it a bit less than smooth. BUT since it is for me, I really don't mind at all.
I also covered the inside since the original color was kind of a cream/orange mix, yuck. The front page was the same color so I simply used my craft knife to cut it out. I also gave it my very personal touch by making it upside down. You can see the bottom line should be the top line. That is sooooo me!
 I have had these self adhesive letters for years. I used them once and that was it. The problem with buying stuff like this is that you use some letters all the time and other practically never. Though they came with 2 of each vowel, I still just couldn't find enough left over letters to make a proper word. Low and behold, there was actually one of each of these letters.

Since they were cream or vanilla (which ever you like to call it) I patted my Certain Celery SU ink pad over them and it ended up matching perfectly.

I separated the pages into 5 sections and made small tabs for each one. One section each for ideas I think of (that is a small section, tee he he), ideas I glean from blogs, tips I glean from blogs, my ideas for egg art and the last section is for ideas my mother has for egg art which she asks me to remind her of (ya, right!)



Dee said...

Nice job on the flowers. Thats something I'd like to try. Someday I'll get around to it.

Elizabeth said...

Very pretty Sandy. I agree quilling looks easier than it really is. I REALLY like how you did the centers of the flowers. I feel a scraplift coming on! LOL

Besthobbyeva said...

You did a great job with the flowers, I love them!! That takes patience!!!


Favorite Favors said...

This is a fantastic idea! I love the quilling! You are going to have to show us how you do it!! Lovely "Idea Book".

Yakawonis said...

Nice work!! I LOVE quilling! I actually just wrote a post about caring and organizing quilling supplies! I think you readers might fid it useful. . .