Monday, June 27, 2011

To Many Flower?

I have been dabbling in some more egg art the past few weeks. Here is the one I made using a real goose egg.
The picture is a silk print. I got the tear drop pearls, cord and flowers from Pizzazz Aplently. The flowers really should be a bit smaller, but since I don't understand the mm sizing it is a trial and error thing when ordering them. I am loving this store. She has so many items for paper crafts that can also be used with the egg art.
I added some pearl swirls to the side for an added touch. These I bought from and egg catalog. I know that they can be bought from paper craft sites, but they were less money buying from the egg art place. It is funny that items that can be used for paper crafts also are less at the egg art stores. While the items that can be used for egg art also, are less at the paper craft stores. So weird!
If you look closely, you will see that the shell is not exactly smooth. This is how you can tell a real egg has been used. The shine is from the pearlescent paint used to add the shine as well as to give the egg some extra hardness making it easier to work on with out breaking it.
The back only has a simple butterfly. It seems to add the perfect extra touch to eggs when adding something small to the back.

I hope you like the different type of craft. I know for this egg there is no paper involved, but they are so much fun to make. It is like embellishing a card without have to match paper and image, {{{wink}}}. After all, embellishing is the best part of paper crafting, lol

I do have more egg art under the egg category. Some are chicken eggs covered with Washi paper and glitter. Very pretty.



Favorite Favors said...

This is sooo cool!! How are you able to use an actual egg? Won't it get smelly after some time or do you get the eggs with the yokes drained? Anyway you slice it, (lol-small joke) it's beautiful!


Cathie said...

Good Morning Sandy, I wanted to share an award that I have for you. I have always found inspiration from your site and wanted to give something back as my way of saying thank you. Please stop by my blog to pick up this sweet award.
That egg is beautiful. I just love coming here and seeing what you have made.

Anonymous said...

WOWZER Sandy, this is totally stunning hun!! I love your elegant details with these eggs!! So amazing!! :) TFS!

Radyzhka said...

Красота неописуемая!!!

Dee said...

Love your egg. What an awesome job. Thanks for sharing it.

cebelica said...

Wow, this is gorgeous!

THERESA said...

This is so stunning, wow, love it!! Have you done a Faberge Egg yet?? I think you will be so good at it, would love to see what you create!!
lotsa luv

Elizabeth said...

I am sooo amazed by your talent! I just love your eggs! You need to do a tutorial on them! I didn't even know there were egg craft catalogs!

Ettan said...

I love your works.

Tracey said...

A work of beautiful!

Besthobbyeva said...

Wow this is absolutely gorgeous!! So elegant!!!


Leslie Miller said...

Gasp! Amazing and stunning!