Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Beautiful Swan

I have, for quite some time, really wanted to get this die cut from Cheery Lynn,  but it was so expensive. I just did not want to use up that much of my craft money just on one thing. I finally bit the bullet, though. It came in last week and I got right to using it (unlike a lot of other items I buy, lol)

As you all must know by now, I have a really hard time using black. For this card I just could not think of a better color to use.

I used some of my much horded Washi paper for this card. I decided that the die cut was deserving enough to pull it out and finally use it. You can see it much better 2 photos down.

This black ribbon is so pretty with it's ruffles, but looked a bit plain by itself. I added this cord with gold intertwined through out it. The black makes the gold show up really nicely.

On the inside frame and parts of the swan on the outside, I used a gold gel pen to add a bit of shine to match the shiny gold in the paper. For a gel pen it is much shinier than I ever expected. I think it is even prettier than my beloved Kryon gold leaf marker.

Now, this inside frame is part of the swan die cut. It surrounds the swan. No matter what I did, the frame would cut completely off. I am not sure if this is supposed to happen. Instead of trying to adhere it around the outside image, I decided it would be really nice on the inside.

This die was much harder to do than I expected after watching the videos on the Cheery Lynn site. Not so bad that I would never use their dies again, though. Some of those tiny triangles had to be poked out, actually about 1/3rd of them did. If you have the patience (and the money, lol), I would say to not shy away from these dies.

Thank you for stopping by. To those I follow and those who follow me and leave comments, I am excited to stop by your blogs to see your latest projects. As of right now, my computer is being REALLY slow. Grrrr...So it might take me a bit of time to visit.

Hugs, Sandy O


Besthobbyeva said...

Love, love this card. The black looks awesome. What a great idea to use the gold gel pen. I thought it was part of the paper. You did an amazing job with this!!


Nicecrane Designs said...

Awesome Swan Sandi, take a look to my blog and you´ll can watch your stunning cards on line,,,wowwowow,,,,,incljuding a animated gif banner from Dolly dingle,,,,,thanks my friend.

Dee said...

Swan looks great. Amazing job, it looks great on the black, and the gold just adds that perfect touch.