Friday, December 9, 2011

My First 3 Stick Pins

I entered a stick pin swap over at Crafters Digital Art Center. We are to make 3 different pins for the other people on our swap list, which is 5 other people. There were 2 categories to choose from, Love or Spring. I chose Spring. Pizzazz Aplenty is sponsoring the challenge. There is still plenty of time to join if you would like.

The first 2 are butterflies. Everything used on them are from Pizzazz Aplenty with the exception of the tear drop ones on the yellow pin. Those are from Stampin' Up, which I purchased eons ago. They come clear, so I used my copics to color them to match.
The 3 beaded pin also came in white, so again I used my copics on them. Using my metallic gel pens, I went around the top pearls, the pink silver, the yellow gold.
I love this tiny butterfly. I am so glad it matched the rest of the pin.

For the 3rd one, I wanted to use flowers. Everything here is again from Pizzazz Aplenty with the exception of the large Prima flower, the charm and jump rings. I seem to grab these where ever there is a good price for ones that I like, so I have no idea where I got them.

To get the flowers on the pin, I simple wrapped the stem around the pin 3 or 4 times. I cut off the remainder of the stem and added glue to the back of the flower and kind of squished it against the stem to keep it from sliding down. I thought it would look cute to have the flowers smaller as they went down the pin.

I love these tiny rose buds. I only have them in white and red, so, of course, I colored it with a copic.
Lastly, I wracked my brain about what to do with that hole at the top of the pin. These have always made me think I did not want to make stick pins because I had no idea what to do with it. How in the world would I cover it. I could just leave it, but it looks unfinished to me when it is. I decided to add a charm to the pin. I have none of those chains others seem to have (not really sure where to get them) so I used some jump rings. After going through my gazillion charms, I found these leaves.

I really hope the others in my group really like these. I know that styles/colors of paper and embellishments change all the time, but I doubt that butterflies and flowers will ever end up on the old style list.

I thought that all three pins could be packaged together in one box per person, but after rereading the "rules" I think they need to be wrapped individually. Grrrrrr, I purchased some really pretty gift boxes that are the perfect size to hold all 3 from, yes, Pizzazz Aplenty, so I hope my first thought was right. I just posted the question on the forum...wish me luck on that, lol

I hope you all have a super duper weekend...Hugs...Sandy O


Besthobbyeva said...

Wow awesome job on the the stick pins!! I love all the details. You did an amazing job!


THERESA said...

These are gorjuss, super idea with the charm, hope you won't mind if i case it,lol, even the flowers are super, you made me think, like that!!
lotsa luv
ps:: they will love these, Pizzazz Aplenty is just the best!!

Nicecrane Designs said...

Absolutely amazing,,,,,,,love these pins ,Sandy,,,scpecially the butterfly one,,,,I have just upload new Oreitnal themes,,,, in my blog,,,let me know if you like my Classic Japanese Boards,,,and I´ll send you a free copy,,,,,,,wowwwwww,,,

lisa808 said...


Wow! They are beautiful!

Hope your gift boxes worked out.

Hugs, Lisa

Favorite Favors said...

I love these stick pins!!!! The recipient of these pins will love them; I know I would.