Friday, November 11, 2011

Gift Box Worth Keeping

I have been thinking about what I am going to give for Christmas gifts this year. I most likely will give items I have made or will make out of real eggs, such as ornaments. One thing I like when I receive gifts for Christmas is when the item comes with a box to keep it in. Especially breakable items. When I saw the Christmas Birds pictures from Nicecrane Designs, I though they could be used for an adorable gift box to put gifts in for storage.

I ordered some of the gift boxes from SU and they are really small! Now that I have 2 packages of them, I have no idea what to use them for, lol. I am willing to bet that you have items you bought that are not what you expected too! Have you ever found something to use them for? I would love to hear about them!

I found some good sized gift boxes and though they are not exactly white (there are just too many different whites out there...soooooo confusing when ordering on line!) they are the perfect size for what I needed, which is 4x4. I only wish I could remember where I ordered them from...grrrr

I really wanted to use this vellum paper with the sparkly dots and "x's" but could not see the sparkly design when placed on the gift box. I decided to put some colored cardstock behind it, that matched the pictures.
To add some dimension to the pictures, I added some of the SU glitter glue (just like stickles but dries much faster). I only placed it on the snow that is at the forefront of the picture so that the back snow really looks like it is further back (did that make sense ? LOL)

Here are photos of the other 3 sides:

I kept the top really simple. I had this poinsettia from last years supplies. It was way easier then trying to make a nice big bow, tee he he Sadly I only have 1 white and loads of red. I did not like the red with this, the white really looks so much better. I guess I will just HAVE to go shopping...darn...

The center was gold, but I did not like that either. I really wanted it silver. What I did was cover all the gold with Aleene's glue and dipped them in the beautiful SU silver glass.

Here you can see not only how pretty it looks, but that I missed one! I had no idea until I took the photo. When I went back to fix it and take another photo, I just could not find it! WOW...I know it is there somewhere, because it is quite obvious in this photo.

I guess you can see that I am not the perfect crafter, lol. I like when I find a blog that it's items are not exactly perfect. Makes me feel like I am in good company, ha ha ha When items are so perfect, well, I feel like my items are just not up to snuff...know what I mean.

I am sorry if the photos are not very clear. My camera is giving my such fits! It is shutting off on it's own while I am trying to take photos. Then when I down load them, some come up blank :o( It is about 10 years old, but I really liked it...LIKED being the main word right now. I guess it is time for a new camera too, but that does not fit into my crafting budget. I am hoping that it will last until Christmas (I am dropping hints now, tee he he)

Have a super duper weekend everyone...

{{{HUGS}}} Sandy O


Favorite Favors said...

Such a super sweet box that is definitely worth keeping!!! The birds are beautiful!!

Nicecrane Designs said...

Absolutely beautiful Sandy,,,,woww,, love the idea to add glitter to the birds,,,,,,waht a creative idea,,,,woww,woww.. and your poinsettia is gorgeus,,,,,the perfect complement here,,,,very well done my friend,,,,,.hoorayyyyy for Sandy...........................

lisa808 said...

So pretty and the poinsettia is a perfect topper.

Is your electricity back on???

Favorite Favors said...

Did I tell you how much I love these birds?!