Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Don't Know If I Like This

Hmmmm...To like or not like, that is the first question of the day. This card certainly did not turn out like my minds eye pictured it, but that is not unusual. This time though I almost did not post it. Since it is the only thing I have been able to make in the past few days, I figured I would just swallow and post, lol

I showed it to my son to see what he thought (he has a really good eye for this kind of thing) and he was not sure of the color combos. Hmmmm....I think I like the contrast though, which is the only part I do like, SIGH. What do you think?

What she is skating on is supposed to be ice. I added crystal effects to some vellum and when it was dry covered it with some of the new SU mica flakes. These are a bit to large for me, but they really are pretty.  They kind of covered a lot of the shine of the crystal effects.

Here you can see some of the details I added. The sentiment is embossed in silver and says "Be Merry". The paper tole image is from Sliekje Digi Stamps. This is not a digi stamp though. It is a 3D cut out sheet I was able to purchase from betsylurvink. At the time that I purchased it, there were only about 4 different sheets, but there are a lot more now. You can see them all here.

These sheets are not die cut, so need to be cut by hand. They are so cute though, I did not mind the cutting at all. The image is 4 layers and all the parts are large enough to make popping up with dimensionals really easy.
Being a bit bummed out about how it came out, I ended up leaving the inside plain. I think I may go back and add a sentiment and maybe some of the die cut snow flakes.

These are the first pictures I took with my new camera. I love it. It has a 250 page manual! On CD too, the stinkers. I had to print it out or I never will figure out all the dodads it has. I think it will still take me a few months to make all the fun things that cost extra worth the money, fun it will be to actually understand and use all the modes, video recordings and stuff!

I ended up getting the day off babysitting today. My son-in-law's classes were cancelled due to the weather. Now I have a decision to make. Do I clean up my craft room or....just craft around the mess, lol

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving...{{{HUGS}}}  Sandy O


Karen said...

Hi Sandy I do like it but what do I know....I think the base of the card is so muted in colors that the image seems too bright. I bet if you went over it with some distressing ink to bring the colors down you would like it more....just one crazy girls opinion....

THERESA said...

To be honest, i like it, really i do, love the soft background, makes the images/3-D stand out and be noticed, also sit with a major mojo prob, so understand what you are saying, lol, but still like it, but if it bothers you that much, just add a darkish gem/pearl in the corners and it would make a lot of difference............:))))
lotsa luv

Dee said...

Craft around the mess is what I would do. And your card is great. Love the image, and your ice is fabulous.

Tracey said...

Your card is really pretty...I like the colour combo:)

Lillian Child said...

This is gorgeous! And I say craft around the mess (grin).

Karen said...

Hi Sandy I heard that idea for muting down the color with distress ink on youtube thing it was from Kristina Werner she was making a card and did that because the colors just weren't quite right...Would love for you to join my challenge if you get a chance with any of your beautiful cards Karen

Favorite Favors said...

Can I tell you how much I love the image you used and how perfectly the paper and embellishments go together!!! I love it. Fantastic job!!

Besthobbyeva said...

I love, love the color combo. I think it is just perfect. The ice looks awesome. I love the image!

Great, great card!!


Nicecrane Designs said...

I love it Sandi,,,,,,really love it,,,,so donñt worry...wowwwww

Anonymous said...

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