Friday, November 4, 2011

Ladybug House

I have not gotten into my craftroom yet. The electricity is out and there is absolutely not enough natural light to craft with. Choosing colors would just be a nightmare. Sooo...I decided that I would show you my favorite project I made at the egg art show a couple of weeks ago.

This will give you an idea of how small it is. Isn't that just so cute? The egg is a real quail egg that I am sure mom quail gave up willingly so it could be craft with, lol The outer shell has only a couple of coats of mod podge on it so that the natural coloring of the egg shows.

Here you can see the mom talking to the baby. The flowers are made with what eggers call scibbles, but it looks and feels just like flower soft to me. I have no idea where the teacher got so many tiny flat stones for the walkway as there had to be 50 eggers in this class and she also sells kits on her website. And, wow, the doors were pre-cut in the eggs for us...she is one patient person!

I thought that the material to make the shrubs was really neat. Those pinecones are simply adorable. We painted them green and plopped them on with Aleene's tacky glue. I would love to know where she gets these itty bitty pinecones too!

From the top you can see almost the whole yard. I am not sure what the orange stuff used for trees is called, but I think it added some really nice color contrast to it. You can also see the lines and dots on the ladybugs. They were made with a sharpy marker. The mom was not to bad, but the baby, wow, I still don't know how I did it, lol

If you know anyone looking for a house, as you can see, this one is for sale, lol. What a fantastic touch it was to add that.

I hope you like it. Hopefully we will have our electricity soon (we are almost finished with day 6! YIKES)

{{{HUGS}}} Sandy O


Elizabeth said...

This is so cute!!!!! I so admire your work!!! I would never have the patience! LOL

Dee said...

that is amazing. what a beautiful job, such patients you must have.

Nicecrane Designs said...

Absolutely adorable,,,,,love it, love it,,,,,,please Sandi let me know if I send you my last Xmas Ornament, a new one called Victorian Style,,,,to build it,,, I am not sure,,,,hurra for Fringe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Judy said...

Hi Sandy,
I appreciate all the comments on my blog thank you so much....
This is just adorable I love it... My granddaughter Lily would just die for this. Ladybugs are her favorite, and to have a home for them, oh so cute...

Favorite Favors said...

This is the cutest little egg house I have ever seen! Any ladybug would be proud to take up residence here!!! :D Great job.