Friday, February 11, 2011

Rainbow Triangles and swirls

Aren't these triangles and swirls so pretty. I love the way the multi color embroidery floss with that beautiful metallic sheen makes any card stitching look ultra fabulous. Sewing on paper is incredibly fun, whether by machine or by hand. I personally like the calming effect doing it by hand gives, well....except for the time or two the thread twist into a knot!

This makes me think of when the poor women had to sew everything by hand. YIKES!!! I can't even imagine! I can picture, however, the joy...tears...celebrations...when women received one of the first sewing machines ever made. Bwaaa ha ha ha...that reminds me of the scene on Fiddler on the Roof, when that very thing happened, ha ha ha, the whole family came by to see and admire it!!!

And of course the beautiful shimmery and swirly paper to go with it. Isn't it awesome when the design, images and paper all just fall into place. No searching...they are just right there. Phew...I get the shakes when that happens, so exciting...even my dogs get worked up (or they know I am ubber excited about something so they should be too!)

This is a die cut Sarah Kay image. ADORABLE. Soooooo easy, simply punch, and sand off the little tags that always seem to attach themselves to the edges and adhere with dimensionals. There is already bling on it too! WOW, what more can one ask for. I almost feel like I am cheating by using these. I am not sure if you can see the pretty effect the glitter has on the image. Photographs just don't seem to pick up the super pretty things enough.

I really love how this one turned out. It is the last card I made last Oct. before the illness. To bad I couldn't send it to myself! I would have loved to receive it. I stamped "Just a Note" in it, as I do many of my cards. Usually I don't have a set use for a card that I make. Stamping "Just a Note" seems like it will fit just about any occasion.

 If you would like to check out the Sarah Kay Die Cut paper tole images, you can find them HERE. I have only found them one other place, but the selection was much smaller. If you know of another place, please let me know!!!


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