Monday, April 18, 2011

Poor Mans' Nestie Storage

I have quite a few Nestabilies, though I tend to use the same ones over and over, that I needed an inexpenive way to store them. AND..., of course, did not want to spend my precious craft money to store items, lol.

I have not seen this else where, so I thought I would share it with you. I took these photos after I made my second one with all the new Nesties that I got recently. YEAAAY for tax and bonus time (big smile here)

What I did was purchase a zipper binder on sale at staples and some magnetic strip tape from Amazon. I find that the magnetic tape at the scrap store does not hold much of anything well. Amazon has much better tape at an inexpensive price. The one I purchased you can find HERE.

For each page, I taped together 2 sheets of Walmart card stock to make the pages sturdy enough to hold the weight. All I had to do was add 2 strips of tape per side. Each side hold 2 sets, that is 4 sets per page.

To prevent the pages from sticking together, I used some of the USPS flat rate envelopes I had hanging around. These are free at your local post office :o) Each envelope makes two pages.

There is even room for the Spellbinder embossing sheets, one of which I think I ruined putting it through my Big Shot wrong, but kept anyway just in case it will work "good enough" next time, lol.

This binder is already holding 14 sets of Nesties. As you can see, there is still loads of room for more! The first is home to 26 sets, but for this one I used corrugated packaging sheets (I think that is what they would be called) which are much thicker than the USPS envelopes. Next time I go to the post office, I just may pick up more and change them.

Each binder only cost between $20-$25 depending on what each zipper binder cost me.  That is so much less than the magnetic folders that they sell just for the nesties. They take up very little room too.

Well, I hope that gives someone an idea of how to store these. If you have a unique way of storing yours, I would love to hear it :o)

Have a super day, Hugs,


Tanya said...

This is a wonderful ideal and I'm soooo going to have to try it! I have been adding to my collection and althugh I only have about 8 or 9 sets, they are starting to take up too much room. Thanks for sharing this!

Steph said...

What a great idea! I don't have any nesties but hope to get some soon.

Sharla said...

Very clever idea Sandy! I don't have any nesties either, but will have to keep them in mind next time I have some extra scrap money! And thanks for the comment/info on my blog..a couple people have recommended Feline Playful, so I will look it up and bookmark/follow it/subscribe! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Oh man!! What a great idea!! Figures...just got done spending about $30.00 on metal containers for these!! LOL!! Live and learn I suppose!! THANKS FOR SHARING HUN!! :)

Besthobbyeva said...

What a clever idea!! Just great!!


Kimberly said...

Great creative idea...TFS! Thanks for the comment on my blog...yes usually i don't mail out the cards i make either..lets see if i remember to give this one. I just completed 5 easter cards and i'm mailing them as we speak...

Dee said...

What a great idea. I never thought of putting them on magnetic strips. I also use zippered binders to house all my embossing folders, and die cuts in 4x6 picture sheets and card holder sheets. I also store all my stamps in zipper binders. Watch for them to go on sale at Walmart, I've picked up most for $5.

KarenB said...

This is a great idea :)

I keep mine in a zippered CD folder, held in place with magnetic sheets. I think I bought the CD folder for $5 at a cheapie shop. And then I slip in a magnetic sheet to hold them into place. I also keep the original backing card and cut it down to size to keep in the folder as well.

I'll photograph it later today and put it on my blog.

Also wanted to say thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment!!

HappyCrafter said...

What a fabulous idea, and thanks for including pictures and the link to the magnetic tape! I have tons of nesties and they are very very dissorganized, this would work so well!