Thursday, February 25, 2010

Digital Stamp Calendar

Not to long ago I purchased a blank digital calendar from D.A.I.S.I.E. Company. This calendar came in a wonderful package with both the .jpg and .png files. Though it is the 2nd month of the year, I wanted to make a calendar to keep in my craft room. I spend a lot of time in there and it is so easy to forget what day it is, LOL

I did start this project previously, having printed it out about 3 weeks ago. Yesterday I finally finished it and can hardly wait to hang it in my room. Now there will be no reason for any project to feel neglected for 3 weeks!

I used the Wink Wink Ink images for this calendar. Not only are they adorable, she has a big enough variety of images to use  for the 12 months. The images come with one each .jpg and .png as well as a colored image. I chose to use colored images for the cover and August (why just August? Phhhhh, IIIIIII'daknow, LOL) The rest of the calendar I used the transparent images in the .png format and colored with my copics.

Www cover

This is the cover of the calendar. You can can click on the photo to get a better look at the colored images. I used my Bind-it-all so that the pages will move freely when changing the month. I chose the larger eyelets because they had a bigger hole for hanging. You can always use the smaller eyelets to strengthen the paper for hanging, since the larger ones do make the calendar more bulky.

Here are photos of each month. Again, you can click on any photo to see more detail.

Www Jaunary Www February



Www March Www April



Www May

Www June



Www July Www August



Www September Www October



Www November Www December


Aren't those images perfect for this project! And they were really fast to color since they are so small. Due to the lighting, the grid of the calendar looks like it did not print out properly in some areas. This is just an illusion, LOL. In real life the grid printed out beautifully.

I am using this project for this weeks challenge, #27, on Stampin' Sisters in Christ Challenge , which is based on the scripture Esther 4:14:

“For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?"

The challenge is to make something using a time piece or something denoting time or the passage of time. What a perfect time {{[wink}}} to finish this fun project.

Hugs, Sandy O

Comments from before moving to Blogger Nothing better that making a calendar to denote time. :-) I love it! Thanks for playing along with us at SSCC. Posted by: Randi | February 27, 2010 at 11:37 PM This is great! Thanks for playing along with us at SSCC! :) Posted by: Pamela Young | February 27, 2010 at 12:05 AM Aw... I am so honored that you chose WWI images to look at every day of the year! LOL Such a great project and you are such a sweetie too. ;o) ((((Hugs)))) Melanie Posted by: Melanie Montes de Oca | February 26, 2010 at 12:46 PM Wow! What a creative idea and a great way to use Wink Wink Ink digital images! Love it! Posted by: Amy Johnson | February 26, 2010 at 09:52 AM This is such a beautiful calendar, Sandy! What a great idea! I love it!!! Posted by: Rachael | February 25, 2010 at 09:37 PM WOW! This turned out fabulous!! I love it!! I hope you got the help you needed with this! HUGS Posted by: *Vicki* | February 25, 2010 at 05:08 PM WOW ... this is AWESOME lady!! What a great idea and how cute! Aren't you the clever one!!! Way to go and thanks for sharing! Posted by: Darlene (akronstamperdpk) | February 25, 2010 at 05:01 PM

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Iris Fold

I love the look of Iris Folding and finally decided to try my hand at it. Here is my first attempt.
FSS Iris fold
The paper I chose to use is digital paper from Fred She Said called Tie Dyed Cherry Blossoms. I printed out 5 colors, which the pattern idicated I needed.
The flower in the center is one of the cherry blossoms that you can purchase as either pre-colored or black and white.
FSS Iris fold CUThe iris folding is really quite easy and fast. It is the preperation that takes the longest.
U-tube videos with instructions, each with their own tips and tricks:
How to do Iris Folding
Iris Folding Heart
Iris Folding 101
How to do Iris Folding
Sites with free patterns
Simplicity of Iris Folding: simple basic geometric shapes, a few more complicated shapes and some downloadable paper to print
Handcrafted Greeting: Instructions, free patterns under the "patterns & instructions" link
Iris Folding Patterns  Instuctions, free templates, directions to make your own templates
Clip Arts and Crafts:  Interesting background pattern for your iris fold circle
Patterns to purchase
Simplicity of Iris Folding:  books
Creative Papercrafts:  brass templates which include the paper folding diagram and complete instructions
Iris Folding Patterns:  patterns on CD. Has a link to reverse iris folding on the bottom of the page. Really neat!
Tea-tastic:  click on "place order" in right side bar to purchase
Dandee Images:  pre-cut white cards (not sure if the paper folding pattern comes with them) Pattern books lower on page.
I plan on practing this technique often. I hope you do too.
Hugs, Sandy O
Comments from before moving to blogger This is gorgeous Sandy. Something I haven't tried yet either. You did a fantastic job!! Posted by: Ellie | February 22, 2010 at 05:35 PM

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quick and Easy Cards

Today my post is going to be a quick and easy as the cards I have to share with you, LOL These 2 cards probably took me 1/2 hour each, but...that is because I do not start a project with a complete idea in mind. Usually I have an image, embellishment or color I want to use. I started these cards knowing what I wanted to use for my focal points. The rest came as searched out colors, embellishments, shape, etc. If you were to make one though, it most likely would not take you more than 10 minutes!


I made this card using a Thomas Kinkade postcard. Here is a side view: Kinkade CU

I cut the postcard using my nestabilities. Being a Thomas Kinkade image, just about any color paper would have worked as the framing layer. It really all depends on what part of the photo you want to bring out the most.

The color I chose softened the image. The white, which is White Diamond from the Paper Temptress brought out the haze and light peeking through trees. Outlining the image with my Krylon 18kt gold marker caused the light and the golden hints in the flowers show up better. Adding the pale pink pearls also helped to bring out more of the color in the flowers.

As you can see, I popped up 2 of the layers with pop dots which gave just the right dimension. I attached the charm with cord I ran through 2 holes I made with my paper piercer adhering the cord in the back with tape.

Sticker flowers quickyFor this second card I used a sticker for the focal point. It is a 3-D sticker I have had for well over a year. I added a ribbon by wrapping it around the pot, making the bow separate and adhering with glue dots. Sticker flowers quicky CU

Deciding that the sticker needed some bling, I used my glue pen to add some glitter.

I decided to frame it with some paper piercing, which I love to add to floral images. The piercing is really very quick once you have the template in place. I use doto removable tape to hold the template so it does not slip from position.

I chose 2 colors in the flowers that I wanted to use for my layers and just rounded the corners with a punch. As it happened, I also had the same color gems in my gem, pearls and charms drawer.

Both of these cards are so quick and perfect for those last minute cards you may suddenly need. Best of all, they can fit with just about any occasion. 

What are some of your favorite ways to make quick and simple cards?  I would love to know.

Hugs, Sandy O

Comments from before moving to blogger The flowers looks beautiful. Posted by: underground hypnosis | March 12, 2010 at 12:25 AM Wowza! Beautiful work! Posted by: Marlene | February 22, 2010 at 02:29 PM OMG, Sandy these are fantastic. I love Thomas Kinkade and what a fantastic idea to use a postcard in your handmade creation. The flower sticker in your second cards looks stunning. So detailed and realistic!! Posted by: Ellie | February 18, 2010 at 10:44 PM These are both GORGEOUS!!! Love the vibrant color of the pansy bouquet yet the softness of the Kinkade image is very soft & soothing! Fantastic!! Posted by: Darlene (akronstamperdpk) | February 18, 2010 at 05:36 PM

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Being A Featured Stamper

WOW, I have never been a featured stamper before, I am.

I am so excited to be the featured Design Team Member on Ellie Belle's (the owner of Digital Stamp Oasis) blog  My Creative Moments today.  Here is a peek at the "Too CUTE" images from Digital Stamp Oasis that I used for my projects.

I hope you stop by to take a peek at the entire projects :o) Hugs, Sandy O

Easter basket CU  

Envelope book band CU

Comments from before moving to blogger Awesome-congrats! Posted by: lisa808 | February 17, 2010 at 10:57 AM

Friday, February 12, 2010

Designing Elements: rule of uneven numbers

In the crafting world, there are certain basic designing elements that help to create a visually appealing project. I will go over some of these elements tomorrow for you, but today I am going  to focus just one, the "rule of uneven number". Uneven numbers are much more visually appealing. For example, using 3 or 5 brads instead of 2 or 4. The first time I heard this, I instantly went to the Splitcoast Stampers gallery to see for myself. To my surprise, it was true most of the time, any "rule" there are exceptions.

One of the challenge sites I like to visit and participate in is Stampin' Sisters in Christ Challenges. This weeks challenge (#25)  is based on the scripture Mark 10:7-9

For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become on flesh. So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate (NASB)

The challenge: Create a card/project/layout that reflects the sentiment of this scripture by following this formula: use whatever supplies/stamps you like to create whatever kind of card/project that you like, BUT you must use TWO kinds of each item to make your ONE Creation.

Interesting I thought. This challenge will certainly bring about many exceptions to this rule. You can see all the entries for this challenge here.

Dogwood 2 of everything

This is the card I made for the challenge. As you can see I had a hard time putting only 2 pearls on the corners, so I used 2 sizes on 2 corners.

  • Stamp is a 2 step stamp set called Soft Summer from Stampin' Up. There are 2 flowers and 2 leaves above and below the flower.
  • I colored the flowers, the leaves and the hand made designer paper with 2 colors each.
  • I used 2 different nestabilities for 2 layers and have 2 square layers
  • There are 2 different designer papers being 2x2" sq. each
  • Using two ribbons; one to hold the charms on, one to make the two bows
  • I attached 2 charms on two corners and 2 sizes of pearls on two corners.
  • There are 2 sentiments inside 1. Kind people are the best kind of people 2. Thanks so much both of which came in the set

This made for a lot of uneven numbers but it did not come out to bad. I had fun making this card. It was good to feel the wooden block of a rubber stamp again after so many digital stamps.

I love using both kinds of stamps but am currently learning the in and outs of digitals. I love to learn new things/techniques and taking on new challenges. The digital stamps offer all of these things.

Though they are quite easy to download and print, there are lots of uses for them that I am learning. If you have been a bit leary of trying them you can read more about them in my post here. But...try not to leave you rubber/acrylic stamps to get dusty, LOL.

Have you tried digital stamps yet? If not, can I ask why? If you have, what do you think of them? I really would like to know, so leave me a comment :o) OK? Thanks so much...

Stop by tomorrow if you get a chance and read about more of the designing elements. See you then...

Hugs, Sandy O




Comments from before moving to blogger i visit your blog first time. and its really very impressive. thanks for sharing great ideas. Posted by: become taller | March 11, 2010 at 11:02 AM There are some great tips here Sandy. I need to remember that for the uneven numbers. Seems like I usually add 2 brads if I use brads. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this! I hope you get to feel better soon. We are sick at my house too :(

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spinning Up-Side-Down and Around

I love to watch squirrels play. They run, chase, jump and fly from tree to tree. They are both childlike and teenager wrapped in one little being. They are cute, smart and often destructive.

This is one of the reasons why I love the Digital Stamp Oasis images. They portray these cuties in their childlike innocence happily going about their day. At the same time, they show a teen like desire to discover the world around them in an adult like manner.

Twirling plane Take this little guy for example, isn't he just adorable!!! In this photo, I can picture the him on one of those rides outside the grocery store, LOL, waving as his imagination takes him to places unknown.

Twirling plane CU  

The picture on the right gives me the impression that a late teen boy is on his first solo flight and waving at his girlfriend who is anxiously waiting for it to be over. (HA HA! wouldn't all the other squirrels be jealous!!!) these next 2 photos I see things as only a Mom could see with Dad standing next to her.

Twirling plane front

Dad is so proud of his son as he wishes he were up there with him.

Mom on the other hand is grasping at her chest certain that she is going to have a heart attack. Especially when he lets one hand off the wheel and stops watching where he is going.

Dad gently puts his arms around Mom and gives a squeeze to assure her everything is OK. She, of course, is not in the least bit convinced.

Twirling plane upside down NOW...what is Mom doing??? She fell to her knees, gasping for breath as she grabs at her chest with certainty of the pending heart attack. 

Dad realizes his gentle squeeze did not work and bends over to see if she is OK...Ha ha ha...I can really picture these things and am chuckling.

This is actually a variation of a spinner card. I punched a 1/2" circle in the center of the sky layer with my Sizzix paddle punch. Then I placed a slightly larger "very flat" button under the hole. Next I attached the same type of button to the back of the plane near the center. Using a dime attached to the button on the plane with adhesive on the exposed side, I attached the dime to the button under the paper.

To attach the plane layer to the card, I had to use 3 demensionals on each corner since my flat buttons were kind of thick. You can make the same card with a smaller hole, 2 pennies and a dimensional between them, but my  hole was to bit to large. The trick to the buttons is how flat they are. Even a very slight curve on the edge will cause the space between the button and dime to stick to the edge of the hole. This should not be a problem with the pennies.

I hope this encourages you to try one of these cards. They are so fun to make.

Hugs, Sandy O

Comments from before moving to blogger this has to be the cutest card ever!! I have been reading your blog and seeing the new stuff but with a cast on my hand it is hard to type! Miss you and hope to see you soon! Posted by: sarah coyle | February 11, 2010 at 07:46 PM OMG, Sandy I love your story. I too can so imagine it and it makes me giggle. I absolutely love to watch my squirrels in the backyard. Thanks so much for the spinner card intructions. I need to try one of these. This image is perfect for it. I also love how you did the sky. It is beautiful. Posted by: Ellie | February 11, 2010 at 01:06 PM

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Then and Now

 WOW, I did not get a chance to post yesterday. Just as I was going to write, my daughter came by to visit with Camden (grand baby) He is just starting to smile, what a fun age. My son also came by to visit. It is so nice that they like to visit even though our house seems to get smaller by the day, LOL. It certainly makes for a super day.

Then and now outside

When I see the Wink Wink Ink images, I instantly see projects I want to make with them. This does not happen with many stamps I see, but WWI is one of the 2 companies that this happens to me. The other is Digital Stamp Oasis. Todays images are from Wink Wink Ink.

Then and now outside CU Aren't they so cute! If you love to layer your cards, these images are just up your alley.

As you can see, these were very easy to cut out in order to create a 3 layer image. The first is the full image, second is the head, arm and leg. The third is the nose.

I did not color the images used on this card. The precolored images are part of the "package" you get when purchasing images from Wink Wink Ink. Since I was planned on all these layers, I decided not to spend time trying to shade and blend so many images.

HINT: When I cute out images, I am not very good at keeping the boarders/black lines at an even thickness. So I take my black copic (actually any black marker will do) and run it along the edges. Where the edge is thinner, I tile the pen just a bit to make it as close to the thicker parts of the boarded. HINT inside a Hint: Don't do this after drinking 3 large cups of coffee, it can make it VERY difficult ...just ask me how I know {blush}

There is actually another reason to do this. The black marker also covers the white edges created by cutting it out.

Then and now inside This is what is on the inside.

Two more adorable images in the bear family.


Then and now inside CU    




Ha ha ha, they remind me of my husband and I in 15-20 years.




Then and now inside tilt

 I also made them in 3 layers. It does make the card a bit bulky, more difficult to close, but I wanted to do it for continuity.

I also cut the heart ribbon to make the corners inside.

The heart punch used on the inside of the flaps was purchased over a year ago and I had not used it yet! I know that none of you purchase tools and then don't use them, bwaa ha ha ha

I think this makes a really cute Valentine Card to give my husband.

Have a super day! If you are among those who the snow storm had just past, have fun making snowmen and angels.  For the rest of us who are getting it today, enjoy a yummy cup of hot cocoa, a snowstorm is always the perfect excuse to add a couple of calories to the day {{{wink}}}

Hugs, Sandy O

Comments from before moving to blogger. Love the images and layers. What a great card! Posted by: lisa808 | February 11, 2010 at 10:29 AM Sandy, this is fantastic. Love the cute images, they are perfect for the 3D effect. And thanks for sharing the marker tip around the edges. oh, and to answer your question about the flourishes I used on my card (sorry I didn't post it on my blog)- it was done with a sizzix die that I got from Michaels (with coupon of course!)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Under The Sea

WWI Mermaid tilted

Just click on the photo to see details better :o)

Isn't she the cutest and prettiest mermaid. Lookie at the adorable girlfriend she has. This is one of the newest digital stamp from Wink Wink Ink. I know I show Melanie's stamps often, but I am not on her design team. Actually, she has her first design team call going on right now. You can apply until February 20th.

One of the things I love about this image is the easy in adding bling! Yes, I am a bling alcoholic. She is fun to color too. I cut out another sea horse and the 2 shells on the bottom to layer them. To me they look closer to the viewer than the mermaid and her friend, so popping them up seemed appropriate.

WWI Mermaid CU The corners of the card are actually made from cleaned and dyed fish scales. I know...sounds gross, but they really are pretty and very sturdy. The scales are very thin but do not break. Some of them are curves making it a bit tricky to glue on. I used Aleen's clear tacky glue, this adhesive works very well on just about anything. To fill in the areas between the shells, I added glue with my glue pen and sprinkled glitter on it.

I bought the scales at an Egg Convention last spring. Yes, they really decorate empty and sterilized eggs! All kinds too. How fun it was. I learned a lot about decorating eggs  and making tiny, tiny flowers. You can see one of my first eggs here and my first flowers in my post here. These flowers are lily of the valley and I am currently working on some dogwoods. Both are my favorite flowers since I could never choose between the two.

I digress, so back to under the sea. Here is the completed card:



WWI Mermaid

As always, you can click on any of the photos to see more detail if you would like.

I would love to hear what you think, so leave me a comment, OK, they really make my day! I am off to check out some other blogs and leave them some fun "mail" :o)

Have a really great Monday. Hugs, Sandy O


Comments from before moving to blogger SO ADORABLE!!! LOVE the added bling and of course those fish scales ... who would have thought to use fish scales on a card ... Why YOU of course! This is totally awesome Sandy ... and your coloring is perfect! GREAT, great job!!! Posted by: Darlene (akronstamperdpk) | February 09, 2010 at 09:32 AM I don't think I have gotten past the fish scales yet. I'm not particularly squeamish but don't know if I could craft with fish mater how wonderful a card I could produce and you have a beauty! Love the little sea horses' bubbles and your coloring is wonderful. Posted by: Lori | February 08, 2010 at 05:51 PM Sandi, Fantastic coloring job! She makes a cute blond! LOL Love all your special little touches and bling too! Fish scales! LOL Can't believe the amazing ideas you come up with! Love it! ;o) Posted by: Melanie Montes de Oca | February 08, 2010 at 12:46 PM Oh wow!! This is just gorgeous!! I love how you've colored her in and all the accents make it so awesome!! TFS! HUGS Posted by: *Vicki* | February 08, 2010 at 11:18 AM Real fish scales...? I have to say this is one of the most unusual things I've seen used on a card. The colors are lovely, though, and coordinate beautifully with your design. Posted by: Judi M | February 08, 2010 at 10:40 AM

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pocket Handbag and Paper Stitching

I am so much looking forward to spring. The sun, fresh spring air after the rain, birds and flowers. When I saw the SCS challenge last Monday to make a Pocket Handbag, that is what I thought of, spring. I thought the perfect stamp for the tote is the cutest squirrel stamp from Digital Stamp Oasis called Susie Watering Flowers.

The template for the handbag is given in the post here. It is a free template made by the incredible Mel M. M. that she has on her blog Mel Stampz.

Garden squirrel tote CU

Garden squirrel totd

You can click on the photos to get a better look at Susie, How cute she is...look at those feet, LOL. I just want to reach out and pet them, tee he he They remind my of my doxies feet so cute and fluffy.  and how about that hat, so precious to keep her eyes shaded, ha ha ha

The tiny flower pots you see fit perfect in the tote along with some mini gardening tools I had. Wouldn't this be the cutest gift to give a little girl "just because". How about a Mom to keep the flowers on her kitchen window sill. I bet she would like it better than the dandelions she had there when you were little, ha ha ha

Now for the something new. I happened upon some paper stitching sites while searching for paper piercing patterns. This pattern I found on Stitching Cards. Like so many other companies with digital images, they have some you can try for free. I chose this one because it seemed like the easiest to do, perfect for my first.

Stitched butterfly Stitched butterfly CU

When I went shopping for the floss, I forgot the needle. They suggest a #10 embroidery needle, but since I did not have one, I used a sewing needle. I am sure the holes would have been smaller had I had the proper needle.

I hope this encourages you to try something new. It really give a sense of satisfaction that only a new technique can give.

Have a great Sunday.

Hugs, Sandy O

Comments from before moving to blogger This is SO gorgeous Sandy! It makes me SO happy it's spring. I love what you're creating with all of these super sweet images. Complete Gorgeousness! Hugs, :o) Mel Posted by: Mel M | April 21, 2010 at 07:39 AM These are beautiful Sandy. Love the bag, such a cute cute idea!! And your coloring is fantastic. And wow, that stitched butterfly on your second project is just amazing. Posted by: Ellie | February 06, 2010 at 04:57 PM

Design Elements

I am sorry this post it late as I was not feeling well over the past few days.

Design Elements are elements that build upon one another; compliment each other. Most of what I have read relates to art such as painting, sculpture and all forms of art beside paper crafting/art. Some of what I found is focused on scrapbook pages. I did glean much over the past few months that I apply to card making or at least try to, as well as other forms of paper crafts that I enjoy. Admittedly not scrapbooks which I tend to avoid.

I hope you find these helpful. Many you probably already follow, as I did, even if you did not know "what" it was. At the bottom I provide some internet resources for you to read for more in depth reading on the subject. 

*I use the word "eye" to mean the eyes of the onlooker/person viewing the project.

Focal Point: usually the largest part of the scrapbook page or card . This is what you use to draw attention. On a card it is usually the image, while in scrapbooks it would be a photo.

Line: lines can be straight or curved. They should follow the natural lines of the subject or can be used to guide the eye. In card making, as you color an image, you will want to follow the  natural curve of an animals shape for example. A scrapbook  example would be to make sure a person in a photo does not look toward the outside of the page where the eye will automatically follow. Unless it is a two page spread which this can be used to guide the eye to the next page.

Point: The brain will automatically follow certain pattern. Having the focal point draw the attention of the viewer, their brain will instantly look for a pattern to follow. In card making or scrapbooks, this could be embellishments or smaller photos.

  • The "Z" pattern which is like reading,
  • The triangle pattern , having elements on a card or page create a triangle. Such as a flower on each of the upper corners with the focal point in the center of the card or layout.
  • A straight line in which elements draw a straight line. This can be a line of brad on a card or a row of three small photos on a scrapbook page.

Clustering: clustering elements around an image can create a frame for it. This can be used to draw the eye to the focal point.

Uneven Numbers: As I spoke about in my previous post, uneven numbers are much more appealing to the mind. Therefore, 3 in a cluster will look better than 4 or 5 brads in a line will look better than 6.

Echoing: Creating a connection. Using the same colors, patterns, embellishments, etc. on each page of a 2 page spread or the inside of a card.

Counter-Balance: To create even more visual interest you can use both horizontal and vertical lines together. For example, if your focal point creates a horizontal line, use vertical line elsewhere. Such as a photo or image that is wider than it is high, you can add ribbon/bow vertically.

Tilting: Not everything must be in straight lines horizontally or vertically to create visual appeal. Try tilting your photos on a page or a ribbon on your card.

Color: WOW, tons can be said about color. Enough to make a whole week or more of posts. Basically,  you want the colors to look good together; to compliment one another. Using primary, secondary, tertiary...colors for example.

Value: Value give the color a specific purpose, such as creating highlights/shines or shadows, or to give a sense of depth. A good rule to remember is that light colors bring the subject/area closer, while dark colors pull back.

Texture: This gives visual interest to the project. Adding texture can be as easy as using dimensionals as adhesive, embossing, distressing or adding embellishments such as brads and ribbon.

I know there are more Designing Elements, but these are some of ones I try to follow. I don't always remember them though, LOL

Here are the links I promised:

Six Visual Elements

The Elements of Design

John Lovett: The Elements of Design Elements of Design

Elements of Design: student handout Graphic Design Basics

Layouts for scrapbooks: 7 elements of design

Introduction to element design

Visual arts: elements and principles of design

Books: There are many books on the subject that can be found doing searches on Google, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. The book that I first used and which prompted me to dig deeper is Design Elements published by Hot Off The Press

If you found this helpful, please let me know by leaving a comment.

Hugs, Sandy O


Friday, February 5, 2010

God's Little Angel

I really love the cute coloring digital images. They are a bit different from my personal style of sketchy images, but I am learning to make cards in that style. I LOVE coloring these type of images and I will not give up on making them part of my creative comfort zone. I love them too much to break up with them, LOL.

I happened upon a wonderful new digital stamp site last week called Karen's Doodles. Her digital images are just a bit different from the others. They tend toward the sketchy style that my "I must bling it" addiction likes.

Last week Karen was giving away an image to those who became a follower. She did it a bit different though. Instead of posting the image you would receive, she allowed us to choose the image we preferred. I received mine in an email yesterday and got right to work.This stamp is called "God's Little Angel". Isn't she just darling? The sketch style images are easier to color since they require less blending. This saves on ink, which my year old copics are starting to loose, LOL.

I added some ultra fine glitter to her wings and the cloud. I also gave her a bit of shine with the clear Sakura glitter gel pen, but since it is so subtle, the camera did not pick it up. I also tried to emboss the harp in gold. The embossing worked really well, but my glue pen could not make a fine enough line so it lost the details. I decided to use the Copic gold glitter marker instead, though it really looks more yellow.I added some Swaovski crystals, and the Jolee charm which also has a Swaovski crystal on it. See those TINY star crystals? I purchase a ton of these a while back. They were described as tiny, but I guess I did not realize just what tiny meant to them, LOL. These things are itty bitty.

This card was the perfect one to finally use them on. They were not easy to work with. I needed to use the very sharpest tweezers I have to pick them up. Then getting just the right amount of adhesive for them was a riot.

Also, do you see that beautiful paper. The peach paper was white, so I ran over it with one of my copic markers. Isn't it lovely how the shimmer comes right through? You can see some of the shimmer on the white also. This paper is from, yes, the Paper Temptress, tee he he. I know I talk about her paper alot, but only because I love it and want to share it with you all.

Now I have 2 questions for you today, LOL.

Did you ever purchase something on line that ended up being very different than you had envisioned? And what did you end up using it for?

Also, do you know what it means to be a follower? I know it is not the same a an email subscription. Since I became a follower of a couple of other sites too, I guess I should know what it means, BLUSH. If you could help me out with that I would so much appreciate it, LOL

Today, I am going to work on a new type of sewing on cards. Well, new to me anyway. I hope to post a card with it VERY soon :o)

Hugs, Sandy O

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pugs Big Day

Pug wish big CU

Oh My gosh, have you ever seen a pug that was not just the cutest! I know they can't realistically ALL be the cutest, yet whenever I see one I am certain that "THAT" one is definitely the cutest. This one is no exception. Isn't she the cutest!!! She is an image from Wink Wink Ink.

How much fun she is having and how much fun she was to color, as are all the WWI images. The only problem I have come across is that my 1 year old copics are starting to run dry :o(  As far as I know, there is no one who sells the refills locally. If you know of anywhere that sells the copic markers and refills in the Manchester/Nashua, NH area, PLEASE let me know!

Fortunately, the colors I used on Miss Pug stayed nice and moist. Here is the complete card I made

Pug wish big

Ha, see how happy she is with her big doggy nummy! (that is what my dogs think they are called, LOL) I know, a bit on the strange side, but...this is a dogs birthday card. I know that my dogs would love to get this for their birthday, or any day for that matter. They were all over me as I took the photos, they just knew there was a "nummy" in the area...bwaahahahaha

The sentiment, which is darker in real life, says "Wish Big". And she sure did! That "nummy" is twice her size!!! She will be busy for quite some time, maybe even until next year.

I have so many ideas running circles in my head that I want to make and share with you. I hope you will be able to stop by again really soon (tomorrow, LOL) and see some of the new to me projects that have been jogging about!  

Hugs, Sandy O

These are the challenges that I am using this card for:

Fred She Said: Fun With Fred Ribbon Challenge to use a ribbon that has been perplexing you.  I purchased this ribbon as soon as Stampin' Up came out with it. It was one of those "I love it and have to have it" items, you know the kind. Well, since it arrived I had yet to use it. The color, style, width or something would always be wrong. I really thought it would be inherited by one of my kids, LOL

Stamp Something: Delightfully Delicious...I know you may not find this so pups do, LOL

Pile it on: To use non winter colors


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Naughty Doxie

I own 2 Chihuahua's (chi's) and a Dachshund (Doxie). For the most part, the chi's don't cause much trouble at all. The doxie on the other hand is very active and LOVES to steal items to make us or the chi's chase him and to dig. He will even dig in the snow! He is so funny to watch because he uses his nose as much as his paws to make a nice neat hole. He uses his forehead to push the dirt to form a firm wall opposite of where the dirt is being thrown. He uses his nose to actually sniff the dirt, I KNOW>>>Aaaaaachewwwww, LOL.
He will dig a bit...sniff, dig a bit...sniff, over and over. There must be something under there because he gets very excited and will not stop unless we stop him. He will actually dig a path as he follows the scent, YIKES, Paul really hates that. Yet the doxie will look so innocent and cute with his big brown eyes, that even Paul has a hard time not laughing at him!
There has always been at least one dog in the house since I was 8 years old, yet my doxie is the very first one I have ever seen bury a bone and then....actually dig is up days later! So proud he walks with his dug up buried treasure.
So, in honor of our doxie, I made this card using one of the images from Wink Wink Ink.

Doxie digging 2

Doxie digging CU 2
Of course, I had to put some dirt on his nose. It simply would not be a doxie digging without it.
And look.....what an innocent looking face. Eyes wide open with excitement, ears perked up with joy, tail standing proud and then the eyebrows wondering why everyone isn't as happy as he is, ha ha ha.
I will leave you today with this wonderful likeness of my cute little doxie!
Hugs, Sandy O

Monday, February 1, 2010


I remember when my kids went from kindergarten to first grade. In NH, there was not public kindergarten at the time. They would go to a daycare type environment where older kids would go for before and after school care.  When the kindergartners graduated it was so exciting to them to be going to school with the "big" kids.

Not only that, but they got their own desks! No more sharing tables. They could keep their "stuff" with them all the time! That is what I thought of when I saw this image by Digital Stamp Oasis.  A nice crayon box that a little girl could keep in her first school desk.

Most kids have been in school for a few months by now, but this would still be a nice suprise for them with brand new crayons. I remember that by now, my kids crayons would be small and often broken.

Oasis crayon holder

One of the wonderful things about digital stamps is that you can size them for your project. (you can see my post here for more information) Since I used the small band-aid tin, I needed the image to be quite small. I could not have accomplished this with a rubber or acrylic stamp.

Oasis crayon holder CU Oasis crayon holder openjpg These squirrels are so cute, and what fun to color! Even for us adults, LOL. Since they are able to be resized, you can print it out larger so that your little one can color it with their new crayons. can even have them help you print one out.

How proud will they be to hang it on your refrigerator, LOL. They can even make their own card to give to their new teacher!

You can see the adorable images that feature these squirrels at the Digital Stamp Oasis by clicking HERE. You will find some really cute male images to make a nice "boy" tin :o)

Thank you for stopping by, I truly enjoy when you take time out of your busy day to visit with me. And when time permits, leaving me a comment letting me know what you think.

Hugs, Sandy O