Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Excitment Everywhere

Well, we ended up having to purchase a whole new computer as it was the mother board, not the power source, after all. It took a while to get all the files transferred, but now it is completed. YEAH. The only thing lost were all my bookmarks and there were A LOT of them. It will take me a while to find all of them again.

My daughter called yesterday morning and TOLD me we had to have a cookout at my house even though Patrick is being held for medical evaluation for a strange sore on his leg. I planned on waiting, but holidays are very important to my daughter so I said OK. Well, when my son Peter showed up for the cookout, he had Patrick with him!!! What a nice surprise, though he did fib about the medical evaluation, LOL.

I also have the honor of being a guest designer this week for Kaboodle Doodles challenge. The sponsor this week is Prairie Fairy Designs, who has some really great images. I was able to work with the Tea Time set for this weeks challenge, which is a recipe: 3 papers, 2 embellishments and 1 digital image.

 Now, I have always stayed away from these challenges, mostly because I really do not understand the actual way to interpret the recipe. Looking at the other projects is not very helpful, as there does not seem to be a consistent interpretation. Does the 3 papers here mean 3 pieces of paper only OR 3 types/colors that can be used over and over to create lots of layers OR that neutral colors don't count (the white I printed the digi onto). The embellishments being 2 is OK, BUT does that mean I can use several ribbons and count that as one embellishment since they are all ribbon, or does each strand of ribbon count as one? Does the recipe include the inside also, or each page gets to start with the ingredients all over again. YES...I do complicate things don't I, LOL.

Well, I decided that I would keep it to 3 papers/colors including the neutral and stick with 2 store made embellishments. I did print and color the image 3 times in order to layer it, creating dimension along with the dimension of the charm.

On the inside I made some embellishments using the paper and some dimensionals.

I was also contacted by Stitchy to let my know that I am among the top 3 from last weeks One stitch At A Time challenge "Furry Friends" with my "Thank You For Time Served" card here.

So it was a difficult week with a very old and slow lap top. but it was also filled with exciting blessings!

I hope all your weekends were equally wonderful! I would love to hear some of the excitement that came your way :o) So drop me a comment (I can also bookmark your blogs again this way, LOL) Have a terrific day...