Saturday, February 28, 2009

Together Again

I love this stamp. He is just too cute. Yesterday he was lonely due to my being so busy. I promised I would take him out today and let his colors shine. Here he is:

Together dog front

  Oh he is so cute... I had to prop him up with dimensionals.  Here are a couple more views:

Together dog close up   Together dog angle
  Well, my kids are here to visit. We are having pizza or something and game fun.

I will be updating my card album next week, because.....I got to run...

See you Monday, Hugs, Sandy O

Together Again

I love this stamp. He is just too cute. Yesterday he was lonely due to my being so busy. I promised I would take him out today and let his colors shine. Here he is:

Together dog front

  Oh he is so cute... I had to prop him up with dimensionals.  Here are a couple more views:

Together dog close up   Together dog angle
  Well, my kids are here to visit. We are having pizza or something and game fun.

I will be updating my card album next week, because.....I got to run...

See you Monday, Hugs, Sandy O

Friday, February 27, 2009

I've been so blue....

Blue lab front

Awwwww,,,look at this poor pup. This is one of my wonderful Dog Gone Stamps "Black Lab" that came in last week. As I was preparing for the Paper Temptress Introduction Party, I did not have time to play with him.

There he is, with his ball in front of him, birds flying about, flowers blooming sparkling in the sun...yet he is waiting, even with all the commotion around him. How sad. 

Blue lab side view

I had to pick him up and play with him today, but before he would any dog would do...he had to let me know how he was feeling.

Blue lab close up

Do you have any stamps that feel like this.  Sitting on a shelf waiting and waiting for you to notice them? Don't make them wait any longer. Pull them out, let them tell you how them feel and then give them some ink. They will feel better and so will you!

I am sure when I play with this pup tomorrow, he will be feeling so happy and peppy and ready to play...allowing his full colors to show :o)

When you pull out your sad stamp set and make amends, leave me a link to the post or gallery where you put the completed project and I will link it to one of my posts next week.

Till then....Hugs, Sandy O

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kinkade the ultra smooth way

WOW, if you made it to the Paper Temptress release party last night your eyes must still be sparking. The shimmer, the glimmer, the bling....the amazing talent of the design team.  That new paper....WOW...

Today I want to share with you a paper that has been in her store for a while, that is to is not a new release, but it is AMAZING.

Here is what I wrote in an email:

With all of the Thomas Kinkade cards I wanted to show how well the image of such a detailed stamp works on the ultra smooth paper. And OH MY GOSH…look at the detail.  I used the same ink and method as I always used, but the detail using this paper astounded me. So much so that I made 4 cards instead of just one. This proved to me that the crispness of the image was not a fluke or just that one stamp, but it was most definitely the paper. I absolutely LOVE the Cornish Heritage Farm images, but have stopped purchasing them due to the inability to get a good image from them unless I stamped it over and over until I, by chance, got one that was good enough to use. This not only wasted a lot of paper, but frustrated me to no end!  


I took close up pictures of some areas that have the greatest detail that did not show up near as well using other papers.  The best part was that I only had to stamp it once. I did not have to stamps several times until I got a good image.  These were all the first try!


I must add that the best inks to use for this paper are the Versa Fine, adirondack or Staz-on. For these cards I used the Versa Fine for the colored images and the Staz-on for the black image. I did make another black and white card using the same image and paper but with the Adirondack ink. That one came out just as good, but needed to be heat set since I am so very impatient, LOL I wanted to get to the coloring and card could I just sit there waiting for the ink to day enough for my anxious fingers to handle! HA...I tricked it with my heat gun, tee he he he


Kinkade blue   Kinkade blueclose up  














Kinkade brown close up

Kinkade brown















Isn't that detail amazing!


Since this paper is such good quality and did not require a lot from me to make it look “good” I was able to make 6 cards in one day. Then I still had time to photograph them, edit them and make a blog post! I have NEVER been able to do that.  The most I have made in one day is 2 cards while still having time to do everything else.  Not only did I make all 6, I actually designed the barn and made a template for it so I can duplicate it with ease! The difference is the paper!


Here are the other 2 Kinkade cards:

Kinkade yellow front  Kinkade blac 

















The barn card I referenced to will be shared with you next week. The rest of this week I have some really great Dog Gone Stamps waiting for attention.  They have been so lonely waiting for me to pick them up and play.

I have a fun day today...I am going to visit with Sarah from INK(credible) Happenings. She is so sweet and I don't get to meet with her near as much as I would like. Her boys are fabulous too. she has every reason to be proud of them and excited to share them with you from time to time on her blog. Not only that, her cards are fantastic. You should check it out, and she is not long winded like I am, LOL

Well, I am off to get my day started.  I can't believe it is almost noon and I am just drinking my first cup of coffee. I, know...lazy Sandy, LOL

Till tomorrow, Hugs, Sandy O

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today's the day!!!

*****Oppps, My Bad! the party is 8:oo Central that is 9:00 Eastern time. Sorry about that.  All other information is correct :o0 See you there.******

Not only has the winner of the awesome blog comment contest been announced, but the Paper Temptress Introduction Party is tonight, 8:00 PM (EST) Eastern Standard Time (7:00 PM Mountain Time or 6:00 PM Pacific Time).

You can find it on the home page of the Paper Temptress Forum on Paper Craft Planet. Or, to make things easy for you>>>just click Home page OR Paper Party  to be brought directly to the party.

Patricia has been very busy setting everything up and I can tell is a celebration you don't want to miss. WHY???? Just Look -->

>You will be among the first to see all the new papers released tonight

>You will get to meet the Paper Temptress, Patricia, and you will just love her, I know it.

>Patricia will be giving away 2 fabulous packages, each containing 1 each of the newly released papers. This is over $29.00 in value going to 2 party guests. You could be one of them, YEAH!!! *small print, LOL, the entry form is on the home page of the Paper Temptress Group which can be found HERE

>Loads of projects that the Design Team has been working on will be shown

>You can ask any or all of the Design Team members questions about their projects and what they think about particular papers or anything else you would like to ask, well...pertaining to the projects and Paper Temptress paper {{{WINK}}}

>If you haven't already, you can join the Paper Temptress Group on Paper Craft Planet

>You will meet many new paper crafters who LOVE paper like you do

Are you excited yet??? Well, here is a little something to wet you whistle, Tee he he he...

Sandy O glimmer and crystal paper

These lovely flowers are from the Stampin' Up level one hostess set "Dear Friend".  Oh My...I just love them so much, I swear I can smell them, LOL Orrrr, it may just be wishful thinking {{{Snifffffffff.....looong sigh}}} can you smell them??!! Hmmmmmm

The pretty shimmery ribbon is from Papertrey Ink. It goes perfectly with this paper. What paper is it you ask???? Wellllll...

It is all Paper Temptress paper.

-->The base is the Linen card stock in Avalanche White

-->The flowers are stamped onto Crystal text weight (make sure to see the close-ups below)

-->The scallop squares are the Glimmer card stock in Alpine Aster, Mountain Rose and Spring Larch

Here are some fantastic close ups of these yummy smelling flowers.  You can actually see how the shimmer from the paper actually shines through the Prisma Markers.

Sandy O glimmer and crystal paper close up 2

Sandy O glimmer and crystal paper close up 3

Sandy O glimmer and crystal paper close up 1

If you have any questions, meet me at the party :o) See you there!

Hugs, Sandy O

Monday, February 23, 2009

Quick and Easy Can be Pretty

Have you seen the new Stampin' up designer series paper? Oh My Gosh!!! Usually there is one, maybe two that I will buy...but this catalog stopped me in the paper pages.  I am in love the the Balla Line as well as well as the Parisian Breeze and To the Nines Specialty Series paper which is a product introduced in this catalog. 

The Specialty series is a cover weight card stock. How fabulous for those who own a Bind-it-all. Not only is it a heavier weight card stock, but it is textured.  It really is just fun to look at.  The Rockablity Specialty paper is clear embossed in areas on one side.  For example, one of the sheets has cherries on a black back ground one side and the cherries are embossed.  I think I might break down and get this package, but am not sure yet. Two of the sheets have those "cute" skulls (if a skull can be cute???) and I am not fond of this fad at all, personally.  They are very nice on the opposite side though.

Here is a very quick card I made using the Bella Bird Designer Series Double Sided Paper. This is the regular paper, not the cover weight. 

Bella Bird

Isn't that designer paper gorgeous! The flower from the pretties kit was pressed into my Baja Breeze ink pad with my bone folder. I must say, the flower does looks much nicer in real life. It certainly does not effect the "prettiness" of the complete card, in my oppinion. I may be bias though, since blue in any hue is my all time favorite color!

A quick peek at the inside:

Bella Bird inside 
It is hard to see unless you click on it to see it full size, but the flowers have the center stamped in Night of Navy. It really looks pretty. The stamp itself is one of the two step stamp from {{{GASP}}} the retired set Kind Thoughts.  Uggg.....For some reason I did not realize this set had retired. 

{{{Sigh}}} I was going to use this card at my next SU workshop. I guess I will need to find another flower to stamp inside. It sure is pretty, though, isn't it, Tee he he he

I did make a fun project with the cover weight Parisian Breeze that I am thrilled to share with you tomorrow. It is a gift I made for my SIL for her birthday.

Oh...we only need a few more to make the 16,000 mark to end the contest.  Even I am excited with anticipation to see who will be the luck commenter drawn by Hopefully I will be announcing the winner tomorrow.

See you then :o) Hugs, Sandy O

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Explosion Box and Contests Last Day

CONTEST: WOW, last night before going to bed, I checked my stats.  Now...I have had some weird things happen with numbers, but this just floored me.  At 11:25 PM EST there were EXACTLY 16,000 views. Not one more, not one less. Isn't that weird, LOL.  I certainly did not expect it to end that way. I figured that sometime during the day, the stats would change from 15,xxx to 16, xxx. I would then post that the contest would end that night so that day would be the last chance to get in on it. 

Since it ended so strangely, today will be the last day to get in on the drawing. I will have the winner drawn by tonight at 11:00 PM EST, and post the winner immediately after.

EXPLOSION BOX: One of my SIL's likes to scrap book, but is not really big on embellishing her pages.  She likes it to be done and over with, very impatient she is, LOL. I decided that for her birthday, I would make her an explosion box. Now she can just add photos and journaling, have dressed up pages and a cute small scrap book in which she can put loads of pictures in.

Explosion box   Explosion box top  


This is the Parisian Breeze cover weight specialty paper which is new to Stampin' Up this catalog. I love the color combination, print, texture and weight of this paper. There simply is nothing I don't like about it. I decided to use the cover weight for this box to make it sturdier in order to with stand being around her grand children, LOL

There are so many pages on the inside I am just going to add thumb nails here.  To see any of the photos full size just click on it. 

Before I load all the photos, I would like to explain one thing. Apparently there are at least 2 ways to make these. I followed the directions for one way, which I will show you here:

Explosion box complete inside insideWith this pattern, you leave the outer corner squares intact only scoring them diagonally so that they will fold in. This is good if you would like extra space to add smaller photos, journaling or some extra embellishments.

The other way is to cut off the 4 outer squares, here they are the scored dotted ones.

For this box, especially using the heavier paper, I should have used the second pattern. Like this, the box does not explode open when the cover is taken off. Nor is it easy to close due to the weight of the paper.

Due to time constraints (we were late for her party, LOL....but not to worry, they expect it from me {{{sigh}}}I am, not matter how hard I try...consistently late, but will leave that for another post.) So will be cutting them off the next time we get together, which happens to be this weekend.

Ooooooo Kayyyyyy...Teehehehe.....onto the fun stuff! One word of caution...again due to the time constraints, I only took really quick photos, so I apologize ahead of time for the poor quality of some of them.

The 4 inner most pages (as seen above)

Explosion box inner layer4 Explosion box inner layer3 Explosion box inner layer1 Explosion box inner layer2     

The 4 back side of the above pages:

Explosion box inner layer outside 4 Explosion box inner layer outside 3 Explosion box inner layer outside 2 Explosion box inner layer outside 1   

Explosion box complete middle inside This shows the middle layer, inside pages. The following are close-ups:

Explosion box middle layer inside1  Explosion box middle layer inside2 


Explosion box middle layer inside4 Explosion box middle layer inside3 

The following are the opposite sides of the above 4 pages:

Explosion box middle layer outside1

Explosion box middle layer outside4 Explosion box middle layer outside3 Explosion box middle layer outside2 

Last, there are 4 pages on the back of the "box" paper (where the squares I will be cutting off are, but the embellished pages are not visible) Here they are:

Explosion box outer layer inside2 Explosion box outer layer inside3 Explosion box outer layer inside4  Explosion box outer layer inside1

I will be adding these to my scrap book album, but not today, LOL. I will let you know when they are posted with the recipes.  until then...if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to shoot me over an email! I WILL get back to you.

Well...tomorrow is the big day! See you then....Hugs, Sandy O

The day just hopped away!!!

WOW!!! I can't believe that it is 8:35PM on Saturday night! The day just hopped by without me even noticing.  I made this card a couple of days ago and am excited to share it with you. 

Though the day hopped away from me, winter is just clinging on.  I heard birds the other day and got excited that spring might be right around the corner.  Then.....theeeeeennnnnnn...SNOW!!! UGGGGG...more cloudy, windy days.  I know...some of you live in warmer climate and some poor souls live in worse ones than we do here in NH. To those who have never seen freshly fallen snow and those who see more than we do, I send a heartfelt "I'M SORRY!".

Though I am complaining now that we are weeks into the winter, I love when it snows early in the season.  The crisp air and beauty of the sparking snow can be awe inspiring. By the end of February, the piles of snow do not sparkle, but look more like something swept out of a chimney.  The sky's are not blue like they can be early in the winter, and , I am certain, the air is far colder and windier. 

Now I am longing for the sun...bright blue skies against the green trees with their leaves gently swirling in the faint breeze. The leaves actually sparkle when the swirl and twirl about, a beautiful site I don't tire of no matter if it is the beginning, middle or end of spring.

I love being able to keep my screen door propped open so the dogs can sun bath at their leisure and come in when they get hot and need a drink. All with no aid from me...YEAHHHHHH....I love that.  Winter is grueling with the in & out, in & out, in & out...HA!!!! remember that Sesame Street song...In & out, In & out, that's what dogs are all about...first they come in, then they go out. Ha ha seemed like a cute song at the time.  Of course, we did not have dogs, much less 3, at the time. I do love them though. They make me laugh and Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! It is truly a love hate relationship by this time of the year. 

In the spring/summer, the dachshund loves to dig...well, he loves to dig in the snow too...but I have nothing planted in the snow. The fresh compost with a smidge of bone meal is just to much for him to take.  And believe me...those short little legs can dig through newly planted seedlings or bulbs faster than you can run back to him. 

This is kind of what he looks like by the time I get to him when he gets past my many barriers:

019 Now this guy may look like my Buddy...all covered in dirt, but I can tell you my dog is not near as cute when I find him this way.

That is the first thing I thought of when I saw this adorable stamp by...... you guessed it:

Dog Gone Stamps...LOL

Now, come on, you got to admit they have the cutest and best variety of stamps for such a new company. I am simply in love with them, and will not tire of them any more than I do spring time.

So here is to wonderful visitors...happy spring...early maybe...but in my thoughts when I think of my visitors and those who are so sweet to leave me comments... I think of warm sunny days with gently breezes that I love to share with friends. 

Of course, the inside is dressed for spring too: 023 

The soft colors are so Eastery...I hope you enjoy them>

Well, I have a Pay Per View movie starting in 1 minute, and Paul is waiting for me. Sooooo, please forgive me, but I am not going to proof read this post.  You are getting real raw footage here, lol, spelling and typing mistakes at no extra cost, HA!

I will enter the recipe into the album Monday :O)

Thanks for stopping by.  The contest is coming to a close.  I think it just my be over tomorrow! more bribe to leave me a comment, TEE HEE HE HE...

Till Monday...hugs, Sandy O

Friday, February 20, 2009

Soft Dreamy Chocolate

Most women LOVE their chocolate.  I say most because I have met some that do not particularly like it. Well, this project is for all of the women, lovers of chocolate or not.

Box open tin in

Box open tin out

Isn't this yummy! The design is by none other than Lauren Meader .

The delicious chocolate brown and metallic bronze paper are from Paper Temptress.

The bottom is made using the Plastic Touch Plike Brown. You can click on the photo to see the box full size. When I look at it I think of the Dove smooth chocolate. Mmmmm Mmm!

Not only is it smooth and feels so soft. can a paper be soft? You just have to feel it! When I run my fingers over this paper, I think of Mole Skin fabric. Mole skin fabric is right up there with my favorites, cotton and linen.

Mole skin is a win/win fabric; machine washable, beautiful and versatile. Now, I not advocating that you run this paper through the washing machine, but it sure is versatile as well as beautiful.

Some of the amazing things about this paper:


holds creases wonderfully for a professional look every time. 

is strong enough to be used in a multitude of projects.

can be stamped on.

can be heat embossed.

cuts like a dream when using scissors, a cutter or manual die cutting machine such as the Big Shot

enhances accessories/embossing due to the matt finish.

currently comes in 10 different colors.

comes in cardstock and text weight.

text weight dry embosses magically by hand or in a manual machine such as the Big Shot

And that is only some of them. Pictures and descriptions just can't do it justice.  One really needs to see and TOUCH it to truly appreciate it.

The top is made using the Metallic Bronze. Now this paper SHIMMERS! You could use this paper alone and end up with a stunning project. It truly is just that, stunning. Over a year ago, I searched every store within 2 hours of my house looking for the perfect paper for my daughter fall wedding invitations. I found this paper and grabbed every sheet the store had.  It was costly, but it was also perfect. At the paper temptress, you can get this paper for a fraction of what I paid, how great is that!

Besides making the most breath taking wedding invitations, there are loads of things that make it one of  the "must have" papers always at arms reach. Some of them are that it:

not only comes in bronze, but comes in an amazing 33 colors!

can be heat embossed

gives a slightly different color when tearing

can be stamped on

colors exceptionally well with Copic and Prismacolor markers

retains it shimmering beauty even through the coloring mediums

comes in cardstock and text weight

text weight wonderfully dry embosses by hand or using a manual machine such as the Big Shot

text weight can even be run through digital cutters

beautiful alone or to compliment other paper used on you projects

makes the most beautiful accessories such as flowers

The metallic is very difficult to photograph due to the reflecting properties. So, again, you just have to see this paper to believe how magnificent it really is.

OH...and for those who do relish the flavor of can fill the tin with many kisses, Dove treats or the recipients favorite chocolate treat. For those who are not very fond of chocolate, you can fill the tin with the treat of your choice. Not only will you be giving a yummy treat...the gift box will be treasured for years to come!

I hope you can make it to the Paper Temptress Introduction Party next Wednesday night. You won't be disappointed.

Till tomorrow, HUGS, Sandy O

Introducing Paper Temptress: Join us for the PARTY!!!


Wondering1 copy

Paper Temptress is a paper crafters paradise.  What you will find there are not your average paper. Want to see what is already in stock and ready to be shipped to you? Go to

>>> <<<

Patricia, the Paper Temptress, will be adding more than 50 new papers to the product line. Do you like bling? You need to come! Do you like to color? You need to come! Do you like to create the extraordinary with the best quality supplies? You need to come! Do you like quality at a budget friendly prices? You need to come!

Everyone is invited! We want you to be part of the excitement and among the very first to see the new products.

Where: Paper Craft Planet Paper Temptress's Paper Lovers Group (just click on the photo above and you will be brought right to it!)

When: Wednesday, February 25th

Time: 8:00 PM



Blog Candy Contest Is Still Going On!!!!

If this is your first visit, you can read about the contest/blog candy here, here, here and here.

This is your chance to win 5 of the brand new Dog Gone stamps!!!

Plus much more. Here are photos of what the winner will receive in their box. Detailed lists can be found in the links about. Good Luck!!!