Monday, May 10, 2010

~~~More Candy Added~~~

Whoo hoo...thank you so promised, for every 5 followers after the first ten, I will add more candy to the pot! We are already up to 16! Four more and voila...even more. Today I decided some alterable would be fun. A Stampin' Up notebook, med. sized clothes pin and 2 small canvases. These canvases are so fun to stamp on. I will have them primed for you so you can alter right away, not waiting the 24 hours for the primer to dry! See you tomorrow for the Digital Tuesday weekly Challenge. This one is so much fun, LOL.
I will be added a quick tutorial for the ornaments for those who have asked. You will see how easy these are and will want to make them for every one this Christmas :o) hugs...

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