Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another challenge

I am in love with the Stampin' Sisters challenges. This week the challenge is to make a card with a gift somewhere on it. How fun. Here is my submission for this week:

 SSCC card with gift showing

SSCC card with gift showing close up 2

SSCC card with gift showing close up

I am sure you can guess what the gift is. I was instantly reminded of the olden days when people would bring lovely smelling home made gifts to the house of friends and family which they visited. No Glade back then, LOL. What wonderful gifts I think they were.

I used the Outlines minis stamps to make the wreath and popped up the edges just a bit by gently bending them. The card is simple, like the wonderful old fashioned gift it represents.

Short and few posts until the Holidays are over. I love making home made gifts, but usually don't give them. Strange I know but I tend to think they are just not good enough for gift giving. Not this year though, for two reasons. One, I am running out of room to keep all my un-given creations and two, money is tight this year, LOL

We are going to celebrate Christmas in January this year! Don't think me weird. The reasoning is well worth the delay. My daughter Alicia is due for her first baby and our first grandchild on Dec. 20th. Since it is so close to Christmas, we really don't know if she will even be home for it. Also, Patrick is in Iraq and his 2 week trip home will be sometime in January :o) YEAH!!! and Peter is working at the power plant that day. Sigh...

Such is the dilemma of having adult children, LOL. We, Paul and I, will be celebrating the holiday on the 25th with extended family though, which is nice. 

I keep thinking of all the after Christmas sales that will help the finance this year. I so love the hunt of finding awesome deals those few days after the Holidays. I wonder if this is the start of a new family tradition with Camden's birthday so close to Christmas, tee he he. Yup, that is my family...the unusual is our norm.

Thanks for taking the time to visit on thise busy preholiday week. 

Until next time...hugs

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