Saturday, September 25, 2010

Egg Art With Real Duck Egg

I went to a fantastic egg art show this past weekend with my mother. They not only had stunning egg art displayed, but they were selling lots of stuff. There were also classes to take. I had never made an egg with a scene inside, so decided to take the class which showed how to make 2 eggs.

This egg art was made with a real duck egg, There really is no paper used other than the purchased birds, which I wouldn't even try to make, lol I was so excited about it I wanted to share it with you anyway..

The branch is real also, taken from the instructors cherry tree. The ever green is also real and dried, though I do not remember is she took it from a tree in her yard. All the snow around the edges and the "floor" inside the egg is silicon, which the airport took from me (the tube was more than 3oz, sigh), and is sprinkle with glitter. The outside of the egg is also sprinkled with glitter (this I did wait to dry!)

The gold micro beads are bird seed, they have to eat after all, tee he he.

The egg hangs so can be used as an ornament or as home decor. As you can tell, I pulled a Sandy and did not wait for the silicone to dry, lol. One bird ended up with some snow on its head and the other on its bottom side. They are only about 3/8" so I bet they are cold!

Thank you for stopping by today. Don't forget about the blog candy :o) in the post above., there are still 6 days left!

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Laura - Layers of Color said...

This is really amazing!What a delightful creation!