Friday, February 5, 2010

God's Little Angel

I really love the cute coloring digital images. They are a bit different from my personal style of sketchy images, but I am learning to make cards in that style. I LOVE coloring these type of images and I will not give up on making them part of my creative comfort zone. I love them too much to break up with them, LOL.

I happened upon a wonderful new digital stamp site last week called Karen's Doodles. Her digital images are just a bit different from the others. They tend toward the sketchy style that my "I must bling it" addiction likes.

Last week Karen was giving away an image to those who became a follower. She did it a bit different though. Instead of posting the image you would receive, she allowed us to choose the image we preferred. I received mine in an email yesterday and got right to work.This stamp is called "God's Little Angel". Isn't she just darling? The sketch style images are easier to color since they require less blending. This saves on ink, which my year old copics are starting to loose, LOL.

I added some ultra fine glitter to her wings and the cloud. I also gave her a bit of shine with the clear Sakura glitter gel pen, but since it is so subtle, the camera did not pick it up. I also tried to emboss the harp in gold. The embossing worked really well, but my glue pen could not make a fine enough line so it lost the details. I decided to use the Copic gold glitter marker instead, though it really looks more yellow.I added some Swaovski crystals, and the Jolee charm which also has a Swaovski crystal on it. See those TINY star crystals? I purchase a ton of these a while back. They were described as tiny, but I guess I did not realize just what tiny meant to them, LOL. These things are itty bitty.

This card was the perfect one to finally use them on. They were not easy to work with. I needed to use the very sharpest tweezers I have to pick them up. Then getting just the right amount of adhesive for them was a riot.

Also, do you see that beautiful paper. The peach paper was white, so I ran over it with one of my copic markers. Isn't it lovely how the shimmer comes right through? You can see some of the shimmer on the white also. This paper is from, yes, the Paper Temptress, tee he he. I know I talk about her paper alot, but only because I love it and want to share it with you all.

Now I have 2 questions for you today, LOL.

Did you ever purchase something on line that ended up being very different than you had envisioned? And what did you end up using it for?

Also, do you know what it means to be a follower? I know it is not the same a an email subscription. Since I became a follower of a couple of other sites too, I guess I should know what it means, BLUSH. If you could help me out with that I would so much appreciate it, LOL

Today, I am going to work on a new type of sewing on cards. Well, new to me anyway. I hope to post a card with it VERY soon :o)

Hugs, Sandy O

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