Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spinning Up-Side-Down and Around

I love to watch squirrels play. They run, chase, jump and fly from tree to tree. They are both childlike and teenager wrapped in one little being. They are cute, smart and often destructive.

This is one of the reasons why I love the Digital Stamp Oasis images. They portray these cuties in their childlike innocence happily going about their day. At the same time, they show a teen like desire to discover the world around them in an adult like manner.

Twirling plane Take this little guy for example, isn't he just adorable!!! In this photo, I can picture the him on one of those rides outside the grocery store, LOL, waving as his imagination takes him to places unknown.

Twirling plane CU  

The picture on the right gives me the impression that a late teen boy is on his first solo flight and waving at his girlfriend who is anxiously waiting for it to be over. (HA HA! wouldn't all the other squirrels be jealous!!!) these next 2 photos I see things as only a Mom could see with Dad standing next to her.

Twirling plane front

Dad is so proud of his son as he wishes he were up there with him.

Mom on the other hand is grasping at her chest certain that she is going to have a heart attack. Especially when he lets one hand off the wheel and stops watching where he is going.

Dad gently puts his arms around Mom and gives a squeeze to assure her everything is OK. She, of course, is not in the least bit convinced.

Twirling plane upside down NOW...what is Mom doing??? She fell to her knees, gasping for breath as she grabs at her chest with certainty of the pending heart attack. 

Dad realizes his gentle squeeze did not work and bends over to see if she is OK...Ha ha ha...I can really picture these things and am chuckling.

This is actually a variation of a spinner card. I punched a 1/2" circle in the center of the sky layer with my Sizzix paddle punch. Then I placed a slightly larger "very flat" button under the hole. Next I attached the same type of button to the back of the plane near the center. Using a dime attached to the button on the plane with adhesive on the exposed side, I attached the dime to the button under the paper.

To attach the plane layer to the card, I had to use 3 demensionals on each corner since my flat buttons were kind of thick. You can make the same card with a smaller hole, 2 pennies and a dimensional between them, but my  hole was to bit to large. The trick to the buttons is how flat they are. Even a very slight curve on the edge will cause the space between the button and dime to stick to the edge of the hole. This should not be a problem with the pennies.

I hope this encourages you to try one of these cards. They are so fun to make.

Hugs, Sandy O

Comments from before moving to blogger this has to be the cutest card ever!! I have been reading your blog and seeing the new stuff but with a cast on my hand it is hard to type! Miss you and hope to see you soon! Posted by: sarah coyle | February 11, 2010 at 07:46 PM OMG, Sandy I love your story. I too can so imagine it and it makes me giggle. I absolutely love to watch my squirrels in the backyard. Thanks so much for the spinner card intructions. I need to try one of these. This image is perfect for it. I also love how you did the sky. It is beautiful. Posted by: Ellie | February 11, 2010 at 01:06 PM

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