Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Then and Now

 WOW, I did not get a chance to post yesterday. Just as I was going to write, my daughter came by to visit with Camden (grand baby) He is just starting to smile, what a fun age. My son also came by to visit. It is so nice that they like to visit even though our house seems to get smaller by the day, LOL. It certainly makes for a super day.

Then and now outside

When I see the Wink Wink Ink images, I instantly see projects I want to make with them. This does not happen with many stamps I see, but WWI is one of the 2 companies that this happens to me. The other is Digital Stamp Oasis. Todays images are from Wink Wink Ink.

Then and now outside CU Aren't they so cute! If you love to layer your cards, these images are just up your alley.

As you can see, these were very easy to cut out in order to create a 3 layer image. The first is the full image, second is the head, arm and leg. The third is the nose.

I did not color the images used on this card. The precolored images are part of the "package" you get when purchasing images from Wink Wink Ink. Since I was planned on all these layers, I decided not to spend time trying to shade and blend so many images.

HINT: When I cute out images, I am not very good at keeping the boarders/black lines at an even thickness. So I take my black copic (actually any black marker will do) and run it along the edges. Where the edge is thinner, I tile the pen just a bit to make it as close to the thicker parts of the boarded. HINT inside a Hint: Don't do this after drinking 3 large cups of coffee, it can make it VERY difficult ...just ask me how I know {blush}

There is actually another reason to do this. The black marker also covers the white edges created by cutting it out.

Then and now inside This is what is on the inside.

Two more adorable images in the bear family.


Then and now inside CU    




Ha ha ha, they remind me of my husband and I in 15-20 years.




Then and now inside tilt

 I also made them in 3 layers. It does make the card a bit bulky, more difficult to close, but I wanted to do it for continuity.

I also cut the heart ribbon to make the corners inside.

The heart punch used on the inside of the flaps was purchased over a year ago and I had not used it yet! I know that none of you purchase tools and then don't use them, bwaa ha ha ha

I think this makes a really cute Valentine Card to give my husband.

Have a super day! If you are among those who the snow storm had just past, have fun making snowmen and angels.  For the rest of us who are getting it today, enjoy a yummy cup of hot cocoa, a snowstorm is always the perfect excuse to add a couple of calories to the day {{{wink}}}

Hugs, Sandy O

Comments from before moving to blogger. Love the images and layers. What a great card! Posted by: lisa808 | February 11, 2010 at 10:29 AM Sandy, this is fantastic. Love the cute images, they are perfect for the 3D effect. And thanks for sharing the marker tip around the edges. oh, and to answer your question about the flourishes I used on my card (sorry I didn't post it on my blog)- it was done with a sizzix die that I got from Michaels (with coupon of course!)

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Spyder said...

This is brilliant, I've done something similar, and may steal your idea of adding brads! Because I'm no at home, so can't craft, I've been going through past comments, (yes, I'm that bored!!!) and came across the Print Screen comment you made ages ago, and I wondered if I answered you! (how rude of me not to!) Just have 'Word' open... go back to the web page you want to copy, and press Print screen, got back to Word and press paste...ok!!