Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Naughty Doxie

I own 2 Chihuahua's (chi's) and a Dachshund (Doxie). For the most part, the chi's don't cause much trouble at all. The doxie on the other hand is very active and LOVES to steal items to make us or the chi's chase him and to dig. He will even dig in the snow! He is so funny to watch because he uses his nose as much as his paws to make a nice neat hole. He uses his forehead to push the dirt to form a firm wall opposite of where the dirt is being thrown. He uses his nose to actually sniff the dirt, I KNOW>>>Aaaaaachewwwww, LOL.
He will dig a bit...sniff, dig a bit...sniff, over and over. There must be something under there because he gets very excited and will not stop unless we stop him. He will actually dig a path as he follows the scent, YIKES, Paul really hates that. Yet the doxie will look so innocent and cute with his big brown eyes, that even Paul has a hard time not laughing at him!
There has always been at least one dog in the house since I was 8 years old, yet my doxie is the very first one I have ever seen bury a bone and then....actually dig is up days later! So proud he walks with his dug up buried treasure.
So, in honor of our doxie, I made this card using one of the images from Wink Wink Ink.

Doxie digging 2

Doxie digging CU 2
Of course, I had to put some dirt on his nose. It simply would not be a doxie digging without it.
And look.....what an innocent looking face. Eyes wide open with excitement, ears perked up with joy, tail standing proud and then the eyebrows wondering why everyone isn't as happy as he is, ha ha ha.
I will leave you today with this wonderful likeness of my cute little doxie!
Hugs, Sandy O

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