Monday, February 1, 2010


I remember when my kids went from kindergarten to first grade. In NH, there was not public kindergarten at the time. They would go to a daycare type environment where older kids would go for before and after school care.  When the kindergartners graduated it was so exciting to them to be going to school with the "big" kids.

Not only that, but they got their own desks! No more sharing tables. They could keep their "stuff" with them all the time! That is what I thought of when I saw this image by Digital Stamp Oasis.  A nice crayon box that a little girl could keep in her first school desk.

Most kids have been in school for a few months by now, but this would still be a nice suprise for them with brand new crayons. I remember that by now, my kids crayons would be small and often broken.

Oasis crayon holder

One of the wonderful things about digital stamps is that you can size them for your project. (you can see my post here for more information) Since I used the small band-aid tin, I needed the image to be quite small. I could not have accomplished this with a rubber or acrylic stamp.

Oasis crayon holder CU Oasis crayon holder openjpg These squirrels are so cute, and what fun to color! Even for us adults, LOL. Since they are able to be resized, you can print it out larger so that your little one can color it with their new crayons. can even have them help you print one out.

How proud will they be to hang it on your refrigerator, LOL. They can even make their own card to give to their new teacher!

You can see the adorable images that feature these squirrels at the Digital Stamp Oasis by clicking HERE. You will find some really cute male images to make a nice "boy" tin :o)

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