Saturday, February 21, 2009

The day just hopped away!!!

WOW!!! I can't believe that it is 8:35PM on Saturday night! The day just hopped by without me even noticing.  I made this card a couple of days ago and am excited to share it with you. 

Though the day hopped away from me, winter is just clinging on.  I heard birds the other day and got excited that spring might be right around the corner.  Then.....theeeeeennnnnnn...SNOW!!! UGGGGG...more cloudy, windy days.  I know...some of you live in warmer climate and some poor souls live in worse ones than we do here in NH. To those who have never seen freshly fallen snow and those who see more than we do, I send a heartfelt "I'M SORRY!".

Though I am complaining now that we are weeks into the winter, I love when it snows early in the season.  The crisp air and beauty of the sparking snow can be awe inspiring. By the end of February, the piles of snow do not sparkle, but look more like something swept out of a chimney.  The sky's are not blue like they can be early in the winter, and , I am certain, the air is far colder and windier. 

Now I am longing for the sun...bright blue skies against the green trees with their leaves gently swirling in the faint breeze. The leaves actually sparkle when the swirl and twirl about, a beautiful site I don't tire of no matter if it is the beginning, middle or end of spring.

I love being able to keep my screen door propped open so the dogs can sun bath at their leisure and come in when they get hot and need a drink. All with no aid from me...YEAHHHHHH....I love that.  Winter is grueling with the in & out, in & out, in & out...HA!!!! remember that Sesame Street song...In & out, In & out, that's what dogs are all about...first they come in, then they go out. Ha ha seemed like a cute song at the time.  Of course, we did not have dogs, much less 3, at the time. I do love them though. They make me laugh and Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! It is truly a love hate relationship by this time of the year. 

In the spring/summer, the dachshund loves to dig...well, he loves to dig in the snow too...but I have nothing planted in the snow. The fresh compost with a smidge of bone meal is just to much for him to take.  And believe me...those short little legs can dig through newly planted seedlings or bulbs faster than you can run back to him. 

This is kind of what he looks like by the time I get to him when he gets past my many barriers:

019 Now this guy may look like my Buddy...all covered in dirt, but I can tell you my dog is not near as cute when I find him this way.

That is the first thing I thought of when I saw this adorable stamp by...... you guessed it:

Dog Gone Stamps...LOL

Now, come on, you got to admit they have the cutest and best variety of stamps for such a new company. I am simply in love with them, and will not tire of them any more than I do spring time.

So here is to wonderful visitors...happy spring...early maybe...but in my thoughts when I think of my visitors and those who are so sweet to leave me comments... I think of warm sunny days with gently breezes that I love to share with friends. 

Of course, the inside is dressed for spring too: 023 

The soft colors are so Eastery...I hope you enjoy them>

Well, I have a Pay Per View movie starting in 1 minute, and Paul is waiting for me. Sooooo, please forgive me, but I am not going to proof read this post.  You are getting real raw footage here, lol, spelling and typing mistakes at no extra cost, HA!

I will enter the recipe into the album Monday :O)

Thanks for stopping by.  The contest is coming to a close.  I think it just my be over tomorrow! more bribe to leave me a comment, TEE HEE HE HE...

Till Monday...hugs, Sandy O

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