Thursday, February 19, 2009

Natures Best Mr. Mom

One thing I remember very well about being pregnant is the last trimester! I wondered if it was labor pains or the third trimester that was the actual curse, LOL

Not being able to hold more than a tablespoon in the bladder at a time, and that was if the baby was not playing soccer!

Not being able to lay on my belly, Ugggggg...I was a belly sleeper once!

The kicking baby at night, surely this middle child was trying to push me off the bed to the floor.

How about a foot between the ribs, HA! My first child loved that!!! Totally unique that one is (rolling my eyes)

All 3 of my kids loved play the ping the sciatic nerve game...especially fun when I was rushing to the bathroom with a full tablespoon threatening to present itself to the world at any moment!

The age old...I don't like this food heartburn trick...a favorite all three of mine enjoyed.

Not only could I not wrap my arms around Paul to give him a hug...toward the end, I could barely reach the steering wheel!...That is if I go my shoes tied so I could go out!

I totally remember thinking I could hardly wait for the baby to be born so I could get some sleep...BWAA HA HA HA...that was with my first one, of course! How young and naive I was! Here it is 24 years later and I am still waiting for a full nights sleep! You moms with adult kids know what I mean!

The total "deer in the headlight" look when I was over due and I felt a trickle while standing in line for my unemployment MA of all places. The lines were so long that people bought their lunches! This was Lawrence...whole families would tag along and have a picnic while waiting! I was NOT going to leave the line, I would have to be swimming first, LOL Thankfully it was only a leak. Nothing broke until the next day at the hospital.

All three of my kids were overdue and I had to be induced for all three of them. I really don't think there will ever be longer days than the ones after the due date! Two of mine were the full 2 weeks late and the other was induced after only 8 days late so I could be home for Christmas!

Then after all was said and done....with my first that is....I was in total shock that my pre-pregnancy clothes did not fit for my trip home from the hospital. Now...if you are one of THOSE...I don't want to hear it.  My room mate for that one wore hers home...I still hate her!

Well...there is one blessed creature on this planet that does not have to endure these "precious" moments! There may be others, but I am unaware of them.  To me, this is the most fascinating creature the Lord has created. Not only because He carries the babies..but the simple beauty they behold. THE SEAHORSE!!!

Talk about daddy daycare! Mr. Seahorse is the ultimate Mr. Mom. Just think...not only does he carry the conceived baby seahorses...they never have just ONE!

In honor of these magnificent creatures I present to you:


Isn't he a beauty! I have been fascinated by them ever since I can remember.  When I began to stamp, I searched for the perfect sea horse image.  I was so excited when I finally found this one.  And do you know where??? Dog Gone Stamps! Yup...I put this baby carrier right into my shopping cart on the very first visit to the site.  He was not going to get away, Tee he he he.

Did I say how much I love this image? I wanted to make sure there was nothing on this card that would distract from his presence.  I was so thrilled when I pulled out my SAB Delicate Dots Designer Paper and it matched perfectly...enhancing his presence not battling for the spot light.

I have been working on lots of fun things that I am excited to share with you! I can hardly wait! And, as always, the recipe for this card is in the photo album.

Till tomorrow...Hugs, Sandy O


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