Friday, February 27, 2009

I've been so blue....

Blue lab front

Awwwww,,,look at this poor pup. This is one of my wonderful Dog Gone Stamps "Black Lab" that came in last week. As I was preparing for the Paper Temptress Introduction Party, I did not have time to play with him.

There he is, with his ball in front of him, birds flying about, flowers blooming sparkling in the sun...yet he is waiting, even with all the commotion around him. How sad. 

Blue lab side view

I had to pick him up and play with him today, but before he would any dog would do...he had to let me know how he was feeling.

Blue lab close up

Do you have any stamps that feel like this.  Sitting on a shelf waiting and waiting for you to notice them? Don't make them wait any longer. Pull them out, let them tell you how them feel and then give them some ink. They will feel better and so will you!

I am sure when I play with this pup tomorrow, he will be feeling so happy and peppy and ready to play...allowing his full colors to show :o)

When you pull out your sad stamp set and make amends, leave me a link to the post or gallery where you put the completed project and I will link it to one of my posts next week.

Till then....Hugs, Sandy O

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