Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kinkade the ultra smooth way

WOW, if you made it to the Paper Temptress release party last night your eyes must still be sparking. The shimmer, the glimmer, the bling....the amazing talent of the design team.  That new paper....WOW...

Today I want to share with you a paper that has been in her store for a while, that is to is not a new release, but it is AMAZING.

Here is what I wrote in an email:

With all of the Thomas Kinkade cards I wanted to show how well the image of such a detailed stamp works on the ultra smooth paper. And OH MY GOSH…look at the detail.  I used the same ink and method as I always used, but the detail using this paper astounded me. So much so that I made 4 cards instead of just one. This proved to me that the crispness of the image was not a fluke or just that one stamp, but it was most definitely the paper. I absolutely LOVE the Cornish Heritage Farm images, but have stopped purchasing them due to the inability to get a good image from them unless I stamped it over and over until I, by chance, got one that was good enough to use. This not only wasted a lot of paper, but frustrated me to no end!  


I took close up pictures of some areas that have the greatest detail that did not show up near as well using other papers.  The best part was that I only had to stamp it once. I did not have to stamps several times until I got a good image.  These were all the first try!


I must add that the best inks to use for this paper are the Versa Fine, adirondack or Staz-on. For these cards I used the Versa Fine for the colored images and the Staz-on for the black image. I did make another black and white card using the same image and paper but with the Adirondack ink. That one came out just as good, but needed to be heat set since I am so very impatient, LOL I wanted to get to the coloring and card could I just sit there waiting for the ink to day enough for my anxious fingers to handle! HA...I tricked it with my heat gun, tee he he he


Kinkade blue   Kinkade blueclose up  














Kinkade brown close up

Kinkade brown















Isn't that detail amazing!


Since this paper is such good quality and did not require a lot from me to make it look “good” I was able to make 6 cards in one day. Then I still had time to photograph them, edit them and make a blog post! I have NEVER been able to do that.  The most I have made in one day is 2 cards while still having time to do everything else.  Not only did I make all 6, I actually designed the barn and made a template for it so I can duplicate it with ease! The difference is the paper!


Here are the other 2 Kinkade cards:

Kinkade yellow front  Kinkade blac 

















The barn card I referenced to will be shared with you next week. The rest of this week I have some really great Dog Gone Stamps waiting for attention.  They have been so lonely waiting for me to pick them up and play.

I have a fun day today...I am going to visit with Sarah from INK(credible) Happenings. She is so sweet and I don't get to meet with her near as much as I would like. Her boys are fabulous too. she has every reason to be proud of them and excited to share them with you from time to time on her blog. Not only that, her cards are fantastic. You should check it out, and she is not long winded like I am, LOL

Well, I am off to get my day started.  I can't believe it is almost noon and I am just drinking my first cup of coffee. I, know...lazy Sandy, LOL

Till tomorrow, Hugs, Sandy O

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