Friday, February 20, 2009

Soft Dreamy Chocolate

Most women LOVE their chocolate.  I say most because I have met some that do not particularly like it. Well, this project is for all of the women, lovers of chocolate or not.

Box open tin in

Box open tin out

Isn't this yummy! The design is by none other than Lauren Meader .

The delicious chocolate brown and metallic bronze paper are from Paper Temptress.

The bottom is made using the Plastic Touch Plike Brown. You can click on the photo to see the box full size. When I look at it I think of the Dove smooth chocolate. Mmmmm Mmm!

Not only is it smooth and feels so soft. can a paper be soft? You just have to feel it! When I run my fingers over this paper, I think of Mole Skin fabric. Mole skin fabric is right up there with my favorites, cotton and linen.

Mole skin is a win/win fabric; machine washable, beautiful and versatile. Now, I not advocating that you run this paper through the washing machine, but it sure is versatile as well as beautiful.

Some of the amazing things about this paper:


holds creases wonderfully for a professional look every time. 

is strong enough to be used in a multitude of projects.

can be stamped on.

can be heat embossed.

cuts like a dream when using scissors, a cutter or manual die cutting machine such as the Big Shot

enhances accessories/embossing due to the matt finish.

currently comes in 10 different colors.

comes in cardstock and text weight.

text weight dry embosses magically by hand or in a manual machine such as the Big Shot

And that is only some of them. Pictures and descriptions just can't do it justice.  One really needs to see and TOUCH it to truly appreciate it.

The top is made using the Metallic Bronze. Now this paper SHIMMERS! You could use this paper alone and end up with a stunning project. It truly is just that, stunning. Over a year ago, I searched every store within 2 hours of my house looking for the perfect paper for my daughter fall wedding invitations. I found this paper and grabbed every sheet the store had.  It was costly, but it was also perfect. At the paper temptress, you can get this paper for a fraction of what I paid, how great is that!

Besides making the most breath taking wedding invitations, there are loads of things that make it one of  the "must have" papers always at arms reach. Some of them are that it:

not only comes in bronze, but comes in an amazing 33 colors!

can be heat embossed

gives a slightly different color when tearing

can be stamped on

colors exceptionally well with Copic and Prismacolor markers

retains it shimmering beauty even through the coloring mediums

comes in cardstock and text weight

text weight wonderfully dry embosses by hand or using a manual machine such as the Big Shot

text weight can even be run through digital cutters

beautiful alone or to compliment other paper used on you projects

makes the most beautiful accessories such as flowers

The metallic is very difficult to photograph due to the reflecting properties. So, again, you just have to see this paper to believe how magnificent it really is.

OH...and for those who do relish the flavor of can fill the tin with many kisses, Dove treats or the recipients favorite chocolate treat. For those who are not very fond of chocolate, you can fill the tin with the treat of your choice. Not only will you be giving a yummy treat...the gift box will be treasured for years to come!

I hope you can make it to the Paper Temptress Introduction Party next Wednesday night. You won't be disappointed.

Till tomorrow, HUGS, Sandy O

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