Saturday, February 7, 2009

Paper that Tempts You

Let me ask you a you like paper??? Bwa ha ha ha!!! I bet you are wondering why I would ask such a question, especially to a paper crafter.  I suppose the real question is not if you like paper, but what KIND of paper.  We have come far from the time of using birch bark, LOL Today, there are sooooooo many types of paper to choose from it can seem overwhelming. 

So...let's start again...what Kind of paper do you like? Personally I find, as I am sure you have, it depends on what you are doing with the paper. There is a specific kind of paper, though, that I am instantly drawn to when at a local scrap booking store, no matter what I am actually there to get. We have several LSS in NH such as The Paper Tree in Manchester, Scrapbook Island in Derry, Scrappin' Soul Sisters in Concord, The Scrapbook Cabin in Amherst, Stamping Memories in Laconia....and there are more! You get the idea. There is no shortage of places I could go to get paper.

There are some brands I can find at each store so if that is what I am looking for, it does not matter which store I go to.  Those papers just don't do it for me, though.  What I like is good quality paper, the kind you would never see at the big box craft stores. Nor do I see it often at the scrap booking stores.  It is the great quality paper that just shimmers in the light, making sure the world knows it is there in all it's beautiful glory. The wonderful quality paper that can take a little abuse and still retain it's beauty. The most gorgeous paper that you don't need to add anything to and still your card will be breath taking.

When hunting for the perfect paper for my daughters wedding invitations, this is the kind of paper I was looking for.  It took me 3 stores before I finally found it at the store 1 1/2 hours away from my house.  I did not find ALL of it though, since, as you cans see if you click on the links below, I needed many different colors and weights. Therefore, I had to compromise on some of it, and actually had to make half in pink & white and the other half in peach & burgundy. They both came out nice, but it would have been better for all of them to be the same.

Well.....I have found a place on line (which is a lot closer than 1 1/2 hours away, teehehe) that exclusively carries the best and most beautiful paper that I have had the privilege of using. Paper Temptress! Oh my gosh!!! I placed an order and very impatiently waited for it to arrive. When it did, I found in my package some of the papers I drove so far to find and much, much more.  This paper had me running my hands over it, flicking the edges, even smelling it.  It is just that yummy!

I finally had a chance to play with it yesterday...and had so much fun...I lost track of time and never even got a post finished. Take a look at this delicious eye candy:


Just look at that sparkle! It is like a billion microscopic crystals capturing the light and throwing it back out at you in every different direction. Did you spy the vellum? I used it as a shadow under the main image! It is a bit nontraditional, and though I am certain I am not the first person to use it this way...I have not seen it before.  It worked perfect for what I wanted to accomplish.  What you are seeing here is the Mountain Rose and Beargrass from the Glimmer Package and Pastelle Pink Vellum.

Here is another peak at the glimmer paper:


Just look at that pink shine! The bottom layer is paper I had left over from my daughters invitations.  YUMMY! If you really want to get an eye full of it, click on the picture...go ahead...isn't that simply scrumptious!

And pictures just do NOT do this paper justice.  Even on the website. I ordered a buffet plate of these paper to see which ones I would like.  Let me tell you...of the ones I ordered, I love them all.  I can hardly wait to get in line for a second helping, sampling the paper I have not put on my plate yet.

The Paper Temptress herself, Patricia, is so wonderful to deal with.  She is sweet as can be and loves paper! She also wants to make sure everyone can get a hold of it at a price that won't spoil the "crafting budget".  You can be certain that her prices are below those you will find at a brick & mortar store! Delivery is FAST, too. You won't have time to forget what and why your placed an order for. Don't tell me that I am the only one that has happened to! LOL

Here is the complete card I made:

088 When I look at this paper, I don't instantly think cute image. This was a nice image to use for valentines day, though. And...The Greeting Farm is having a contest for valentine cards right now and I really wanted to enter. I may not win, but I really enjoyed making the card and the poem that was needed to enter. 

With all the bling that Anya & Ian are wearing, they go rather well with this glamorous paper.

I hope you all have a super day, actually, have a super weekend, LOL.

Hugs, Sandy O

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