Saturday, February 21, 2009

Explosion Box and Contests Last Day

CONTEST: WOW, last night before going to bed, I checked my stats.  Now...I have had some weird things happen with numbers, but this just floored me.  At 11:25 PM EST there were EXACTLY 16,000 views. Not one more, not one less. Isn't that weird, LOL.  I certainly did not expect it to end that way. I figured that sometime during the day, the stats would change from 15,xxx to 16, xxx. I would then post that the contest would end that night so that day would be the last chance to get in on it. 

Since it ended so strangely, today will be the last day to get in on the drawing. I will have the winner drawn by tonight at 11:00 PM EST, and post the winner immediately after.

EXPLOSION BOX: One of my SIL's likes to scrap book, but is not really big on embellishing her pages.  She likes it to be done and over with, very impatient she is, LOL. I decided that for her birthday, I would make her an explosion box. Now she can just add photos and journaling, have dressed up pages and a cute small scrap book in which she can put loads of pictures in.

Explosion box   Explosion box top  


This is the Parisian Breeze cover weight specialty paper which is new to Stampin' Up this catalog. I love the color combination, print, texture and weight of this paper. There simply is nothing I don't like about it. I decided to use the cover weight for this box to make it sturdier in order to with stand being around her grand children, LOL

There are so many pages on the inside I am just going to add thumb nails here.  To see any of the photos full size just click on it. 

Before I load all the photos, I would like to explain one thing. Apparently there are at least 2 ways to make these. I followed the directions for one way, which I will show you here:

Explosion box complete inside insideWith this pattern, you leave the outer corner squares intact only scoring them diagonally so that they will fold in. This is good if you would like extra space to add smaller photos, journaling or some extra embellishments.

The other way is to cut off the 4 outer squares, here they are the scored dotted ones.

For this box, especially using the heavier paper, I should have used the second pattern. Like this, the box does not explode open when the cover is taken off. Nor is it easy to close due to the weight of the paper.

Due to time constraints (we were late for her party, LOL....but not to worry, they expect it from me {{{sigh}}}I am, not matter how hard I try...consistently late, but will leave that for another post.) So will be cutting them off the next time we get together, which happens to be this weekend.

Ooooooo Kayyyyyy...Teehehehe.....onto the fun stuff! One word of caution...again due to the time constraints, I only took really quick photos, so I apologize ahead of time for the poor quality of some of them.

The 4 inner most pages (as seen above)

Explosion box inner layer4 Explosion box inner layer3 Explosion box inner layer1 Explosion box inner layer2     

The 4 back side of the above pages:

Explosion box inner layer outside 4 Explosion box inner layer outside 3 Explosion box inner layer outside 2 Explosion box inner layer outside 1   

Explosion box complete middle inside This shows the middle layer, inside pages. The following are close-ups:

Explosion box middle layer inside1  Explosion box middle layer inside2 


Explosion box middle layer inside4 Explosion box middle layer inside3 

The following are the opposite sides of the above 4 pages:

Explosion box middle layer outside1

Explosion box middle layer outside4 Explosion box middle layer outside3 Explosion box middle layer outside2 

Last, there are 4 pages on the back of the "box" paper (where the squares I will be cutting off are, but the embellished pages are not visible) Here they are:

Explosion box outer layer inside2 Explosion box outer layer inside3 Explosion box outer layer inside4  Explosion box outer layer inside1

I will be adding these to my scrap book album, but not today, LOL. I will let you know when they are posted with the recipes.  until then...if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to shoot me over an email! I WILL get back to you.

Well...tomorrow is the big day! See you then....Hugs, Sandy O

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