Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Caterpillars New Life

I have always thought of a butterfly as being transformed into a new creature. Isn't that strange?  I never hear nor have thought of the word Caterpillar being used in reference to the change that occurred. Yet, it is the Caterpillar that has been given the new life. Perhaps this knowledge is taken for granted when this new life is referenced, I don't know. I only know that I have never quite thought about it that way.

So....when Papertake Weekly posted their first 2010 challenge, "New Beginnings", the caterpillar came to my mind right away. We were to use a Stamping Boutique image, so off I went to their store. Not one of my images from them would have worked for what I had in my mind. I will tell you, I was sooooo glad when I found this image. It is just perfect.

Glittered butterfly

Isn't she so happy! Dancing and fluttering about for her first flight. I wonder if she even remembers being a Caterpillar. Her old life has been replaced with a new one, a new beginning, a new body and new perspective.

She begins her new life with flight. She no longer is on the flower, but is above it. She is able to start her new beginning with a clean mind and a peace of what will happen All things are suddenly new for her. Her new body is beautiful, colorful and glimmering in the sunlight. Her joy follows her everywhere she goes. Being so happy she shares it with those that cross her path.

Here is a close up of this caterpillars new body. Glittered butterfly close up If you click on the photo you will get a good look at the sparkle from when the light reflects off of her. You also can see how it follows her every movement for others to share.

I know when I see a butterfly, joy always comes to me. I can't explain it. Perhaps it is the beauty or maybe the rarity of getting a good look at them. It may be the wonderful colors that envelope them as they gracefully flutter by.

Perhaps it is knowing just how wonderfully the she gives us a glimpse of the Lords promise to His children. When we become His child, we walk a new life here on earth but with such a new perspective.  The old way of thinking and seeing has passed! All of a sudden we can't really remember how we processed things before, it seems so foreign. Yet, we have just broken out of our cocoon.

Some of us take fight as we spread our wings in this new life. We spread the joy of our new life to those who cross our path. The glimmer of the Son reflects off of us. While others sadly remain by the cocoon and do not use their new wings. They still have the new life, but do not enjoy the blessing of it.

Yet, one day, all of us butterflies will fly out of sight, just as the butterfly does now. We will flutter away in an instant to enjoy the new life from yet another perspective. We will then, again, only have a vague remembrance of the past.

How gracious it is of Him to give us the butterfly, just as He gave the rainbow, to remind us of His promise.

I am so glad you stopped by today. It always makes me smile knowing you have been here.  I hope you have enjoyed it and that you have gleaned some small thing from your visit.

hugs, Sandy O 

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