Thursday, January 14, 2010

Time to shovel

Raise you hand if you have had a snowing winter so far. I know my hand is raised. We defiantly had a white Christmas this year, which is rather rare here in NH.

I am certain that my husband is thrilled with the purchase of  a snow blower after the boys had grown. Prior to that, they were our "snow blowers".  They certainly did NOT like it, but that was to bad, LOL.

I can tell you that there was not much more exciting to them than when a neighbor would happen by and plow the driveway while they were out there. Often they would run some home made cookies over as a thank you, which took much less time out of their play than shoveling.

When I saw this image at the Sew Many Card store, the vision of my boys as it stopped snowing came to mind. They certainly knew whatTHAT meant, tee he he he

Time to shovel card

Isn't he adorable hiding behind a weathered sign. How much fun he was having in the snow until now, Bwaahahaha.

This image is in 3 layers, yes, I do love cutting and layering don't I. Seems a lot of my cards lately have been in layers. I guess I need some calm and soothing activities on the gray January days here.

As much as they did not like having to shovel, as well as their other chores, they did grow up knowing how to work and to not to put important things off for to long, LOL. They are not perfect, but I do believe that if a man does not work, he does not eat.

Therefore, along with shoveling, it was their job to bring in the groceries when I came home from shopping. WOW, do I miss them, {{{wink}}} you can be sure that when "they" (who ever they are) invent a machine that will do it for me, I will be the first one in line. Until then I will continue to give my husband the "look" when he comes in from snow blowing all content in the ability to play with a "toy" and get some work done at the same time!

hugs, Sandy O


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