Monday, January 11, 2010

Ha Ha Ha, I Can Be Silly Sometimes

What a title hmmm...well...I really did a silly thing.  Last week Encourage Joy had a challenge to find a card we like and CASE it (copy and share everything). I chose this really pretty card by Cibele (aka. elmo98ca).


<<< . Here is a link to the card in her SCS gallery.

Now I really did not CASE everything. Of course I did not have the exact paper, punch, ect. I did copy here layout though. Here is my card >>>

Butterfly courageNow for my silliness. Do you see the sentiment I used? It is from the SU set "Hope Happens" and is the very sentiment that made me purchase the set, though all the others are nice too.

Now,  you can click on the image to see it more clearly, but I will type it here for you.

"It takes COURAGE to grow up and be who you REALLY are".

I thought it was cute to put with shimmer flowers and butterflies funny to put it on a card I CASED. LOL, I did not even notice the contradiction until I was preparing to write this post!  It does kind of match the meaning of her sentiment though, it is just silly for a CASE, tee he he

Speaking of being who I really am, those who have been subscribing to my posts have noticed the changes I have made. More challenges, showing my faith and starting to expand my horizons with digital stamps. Sadly I have lost some subscribers when I started posting my entries to Christian sites and one so far now that I have started to use some digies.

If you feel as though you will drop your subscription, may I ask for you to tell me why in the notice? This way I don't have to guess and I can use it to make my blog better. I would really HATE to loose you and would prefer that you leave me a comment first, but I understand not doing so.  On that note, I thank all who have stuck with me through my finding my own style and my previous illness.

On to a happier note, the other thing that came to my mind is to think about who I am as a stamper/paper crafter. I love ALL types of stamps and rubber will always be first in my heart. I have to say digis are new to me and I have enjoyed learning how to use them.

I have alot still to learn about paper crafting, does anyone not, LOL  and that is what I love best about it. So I am challenging myself to try my hardest to made 2 cards every day. One for a challenge, one not. One with rubber, one with digies.

Does anyone have a personal challenge they have taken on in their crafting. If so, leave me a message. I would love to know about it! Not only that, but I love learning about you, my reader.

Thank you for making it to the end :o) of my post, I know it is not easy, LOL. I sometimes find myself only looking at the pictures in other blogs instead of reading too {{{BLUSH}}}

So take up your drink with me, for me it is my morning coffee, and toast with me to challenging ourselves to "grow" in our crafting and to be "who we are".

Hugs, Sandy O

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