Thursday, January 28, 2010

Humorous Card and a Photo

I am so glad to be back to the blog. It has been a busy week with us "celebrating" Christmas last Monday.  I was lucky enough to be able to baby sit my grandson the past 2 days too. They grow so fast I am more than thrilled they live close by and I am able to see him often.
I would like to share a photo of him from Monday when he arrived for the day with family.
4wks old Jan25 our Christmas

Isn't that the cutest suit. My husband and his dad both wear that style hat, LOL. It looked so cute. We will have to get a photo of the 3 of them wearing their hats before Camden out grows his!
I was able to squeak in some stamp time yesterday. Then...I could not find my camera! Talk about panic, I thought I was going to cry! After an hour searching I found it behind the TV! Why I put it there I have no clue. Thank the Lord I found it :o)
Wink Wink Ink came out with 3 more images yesterday which is why I just HAD to squeak in the time. Now I did have to put off a little bit of cleaning, but that is OK. As you will see....
Dust Bunny Dust bunnies are our friends! TEE HE HE
Melanie came up with the idea after a conversation we had on the Paper Craft Planet group. We were talking about how crafting took place over cleaning...of course!
Now we know the truth!!! What we need to do is make a card to give to our husbands, Bwaa ha ha they also need to know!
I wanted to make a tutorial on paper piercing this week, but the piercing simply did not match this stamp. So next week that is my plan. Are you good at keeping to your plans? Well, I can say whole heartedly that I sincerely try! When I fall off the plan horse, I get back on, though it may take me a few days, or weeks...ha ha ha
Here is a close up of this adorable dust bunny Dust Bunny CU. Isn't she just the cutest one you ever did see. She has a bow with a pearl center, dusty fuzz on her cheeks and the most adorable little paper hearts that stuck to her. I did use my Sakura glitter gel pen on her, but it is hard to see. 
She is definitely a crafters dust bunny. I hope this helps you to look at your dust bunnies a bit differently! 
As luck would have it, this card also goes with 2 challenges this week.
1. Stamp Something: Something funny
2. Digital Tuesday Challenge: Make those men laugh
The awesome paper is from Paper Temptress. If you have been with me for any amount of time, you know how much I adore Patricia and the gorgeous paper she carries.  This particular paper is called Ruche or Crepe. It adds such a wonderful texture to any project.
Well...I hope you can stop by tomorrow. I am not sure what I will have to share. For certain it will be a project that I had a blast doing and I will be thrilled to share it with you.
Hugs, Sandy O

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